Will Legal Cannabis Use Cause An Increase In Car Accidents in Illinois?

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Cannabis use in Illinois became legal in January 2020. This means that anyone who lives in the state can legally possess and use the drug for recreational and medicinal purposes. Since the drug has hallucinogenic effects, the number of drivers driving under the influence has increased. Just as drunk driving can inhibit a driver’s ability… Read more »

How Is The Amount For Workers’ Compensation Calculated In Illinois?

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As a worker in Illinois, you are eligible for compensation for injuries or damages sustained during your work as per the Workers’ Compensation Act. The system is designed to ensure workers can get back to work as soon as possible without worrying about the losses they sustain from workplace accidents. Disability Compensation Rate in Illinois… Read more »

What Is An IME And Do I Have To Go?

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According to the Illinois worker’s compensation law, insurance companies have the right to send you to a doctor of their choice for a one-time exam. This is called an independent medical examination (IME) and participation is mandatory. If you fail to go, your benefits can be suspended. This includes medical care, physical therapy, prescription pain… Read more »

Slip and Fall Accidents in Winter Weather

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If you slip and fall in front of or on someone’s property during winter because they allowed snow and ice to accumulate, you may not be able to sue for damages. According to the law, property owners are not liable for allowing snow to accumulate on their driveway. So, it stands to reason, they are… Read more »