Can I Attend School While On Workers’ Compensation As a Teacher?

Teachers are in danger in schools from violent students, active shooters, poor maintenance, and an administration prioritizing student comfort over their safety. These underpaid and sometimes unpaid professional educators have to deal with challenging parents, students, and other stressors that can lead to mental illness and physical injuries. If you are injured during any of these altercations or accidents at school and wish to return while on workers’ compensation, you can claim disability.

Attending School as a Teacher While On Workers’ Compensation

If you were injured at school and your doctor says you can return with certain work restrictions, you can do so by claiming temporary disability benefits. Antioch workers’ compensation attorneys are dedicated to ensuring they get the compensation they deserve via successful workers’ compensation claims if their employers deny their claim. For example, say you injured your hip at school and had it replaced. Eventually, your doctor told you that you could return to school, but with restrictions, by claiming either temporary or permanent disability. You can claim the latter if your condition cannot improve further with treatment. Suppose the school doctor says you can work in your condition, but your employer refuses to reinstate you or accommodate you. In that case, you can and should sue for damages with help from Antioch workers’ compensation attorneys. As per Illinois law, they must reinstate you with restrictions or stay at home with two-thirds pay (under temporary disability). If your condition cannot improve further, but you can teach and claim permanent disability, your employer should accommodate necessary restrictions that can allow you to work. If they refuse, they can be held liable for back pay and other damages if you take them to court.

Responding To a Permanent Disability Claim Denial

If your permanent disability claim was denied, you could appeal the decision. First, understand why the decision was made – you may have missed a critical deadline, entered incorrect information in a form, etc. Ask for a copy of your claim file as well. It contains every piece of information that the insurance company used to examine your claim. Gather supporting evidence so the judge has all the information needed to make a ruling in your favor. If you are also receiving other benefits, such as Social Security Disability, make sure those documents (such as approval letters and benefit statements) are in your file. These will support your permanent disability claim.

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What Is The Limit For Working While On Workers’ Comp?

While workers’ comp can ensure your medical bills are paid, and you don’t go in the red as you miss work during your recovery, your employer would want you to return when you are physically able to. The compensation will not be a substitute for your total time wages. You may sometimes need to return to work while on compensation. However, suppose your employer refuses to accommodate you at work by reducing your workload as you heal from your injuries. In that case, you can sue for damages with help from Lake County workers’ comp lawyers.

Returning To Work On Workers’ Compensation

No one wants to get just two-thirds of their paycheck forever. While some injuries may prevent you from returning to work, if you aren’t recommended bed rest, your employer may ask you to return in a limited capacity. But it would be best to take precautions so you don’t aggravate your health or condition. The good news is that Illinois workers’ compensation laws provide options for these scenarios so injured workers can return to work without losing their benefits. Here are some ways you can come back to work on a trial basis:

Ask Your Doctor

Ask your doctor to write and sign a release form for your employer that says you can return to work for a trial period (like for a month, for example). Make sure it states clearly that your return is for a brief period to see if you can work during your workers’ comp case. It should also mention that your doctor will re-examine you at the end of the trial period to determine if you are well enough to extend those days while your claim remains open.

Take On Light Duties

If your job may worsen your injuries, ask your employer to assign you lighter duties until you recover fully. Most employers allow this but pay a reduced wage. If that is the case, you may be able to make up the difference with temporary partial disability benefits. This is a wage loss benefit awarded to employees who return to work but earn less than pre-injury wages due to lighter duties. However, this doesn’t mean you should stop getting medical treatments while working. If you do, the insurance company may stop the benefits assuming you are fully healed. Consult your physician and experienced Lake County workers’ comp lawyers before you return to work full-time after recovering from a workplace injury.

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If your employer is forcing you to return to work while you are recuperating at home or denied workers’ comp, contact The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens to discuss legal options. Our Illinois workers’ comp attorneys in Antioch have been fighting for the rights of Illinois workers for decades and can ensure you get the maximum compensation you deserve. This includes lost wages from wrongful termination as well as additional damages. We can also help you get justice if your boss refuses to reinstate you after you recover from workplace injuries or refuses to reduce your workload, forcing you to leave. No one should work under that much pressure if they are injured! Book a confidential consultation by dialing 847-395-2200.

Ice Fishing Safety Tips For Illinois

Ice fishing can turn dangerous in a matter of moments. As per the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, anyone who wants to fish on ice should take all precautions to prevent deadly or fatal accidents. It can save your life.

Top X Ice Fishing Tips That Can Save Your Life

Whether you are going ice fishing at the start or middle of winter, follow these safety tips to prevent a fatal incident:

1. Share Your Plans with Family or Friends

Before heading out, make sure your family or friends know you are going ice fishing and your location. This includes the lake’s name, the fishing spot’s location, and when they can expect you back home. If you don’t return on time, this information can help rescue and emergency services to locate you.

2. Bring a Friend Along

NEVER go alone on an ice fishing trip. A friend or fishing partner can give you support you don’t realize you need. This includes an extra pair of hands in case you reel a large fish that may otherwise pull you under. They can also help you stay focused and alert authorities if you are injured or suffering from hypothermia.

3. Don’t Forget Your Fishing Spikes

Ice fishing spikes are two sharp objects that are connected by rope. If you fall into a hole in the ice or a frozen lake gives way beneath you, these will prevent you from sinking. Use them to punch a hole in the ice if you cannot find the hole you fell into. Follow the instructions in this video if you don’t have these spikes with you and fall in.

4. Examine the Ice Beforehand

A thin layer of ice is the only thing keeping you from the freezing water underneath your boots. So before you walk out onto the frozen water, check the ice’s thickness. There will be thin patches that look solid to the eye, so a cursory glance is not a good idea. Clear blue ice is robust, while white or honeycombed ice is typically fragile. Don’t go ice fishing if it snowed the night before. The snow will place additional pressure on the ice and insulate it, weakening the surface.

5. Dress in Layers

A puffy fishing jacket will not be able to keep the cold at bay, especially if the temperature drops significantly. Dress in multiple warm layers before heading out. This includes thermal underwear and bibs that can trap body heat. Protect your neck, head, and face with a thick scarf and wear boots and gloves designed to ward off the cold. Have you lost a loved one to the cold because of another’s negligence on a fishing trip? An Illinois wrongful death lawyer can help you acquire damages and peace.

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How to Prevent Bicycle Accidents

Bicycling is a great way to lose weight and remain healthy. But you can get seriously injured in bicycle accidents if you don’t take precautions. As per Illinois law, you may not get the compensation you deserve if you are partially responsible for the incident. Palatine bicycle accident lawyers can advise you further.

Top 4 Ways to Prevent Serious Bicycle Accidents

Here are some ways you can avoid severe accidents on the road on a bike:

1. Conduct Safety Checks

Check your helmet straps, bike chain, and especially tires before heading out on your bike. Under-inflated or misshapen tires can make you flip over if you suddenly go at full speed and brake. Check the sidewall of the tire for the correct pressure. Plus, replace your helmet if it is damaged beyond repair or has frayed straps; the same goes for your bike chain. If you fail to check your brakes, an accident is imminent. Squeeze both bike levers a few times to ensure they work smoothly. If you feel vibrations, the brake pads are rubbing on the tire, not the wheel rim. Replace the brake pads if adjustments don’t fix this issue.

2. Avoid Busy Roads

If possible, avoid arterial roads that get high-speed traffic, especially in commercial areas. These multi-lanes have speed limits that can go up to 45 mph. You are also in danger of being struck if a car turns at high speed or pulls out from a commercial center on the way. Stick to slower lanes if possible and if not, follow all safety precautions.

3. Don’t Assume You Are Visible To Other Drivers

This is the number one cause of bicycle accidents for most people. Never assume that drivers can see you clearly on the road, whether riding in the middle or on the sidelines. So if you are riding and see the car in front of you pull to a side street, make sure the driver sees you so they can stop. Slow down if they don’t. A good rule of thumb is to watch the hubcap of the front wheel – you can see it moving even if you can’t see the car speeding up.

4. Drive Defensively

Remain focused and alert on the road at all times. It will allow you to anticipate what drivers will do beforehand. The faster you notice something is off, the faster your response time will be. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Obey all of the street signs and road markings on your route.
  • Never drive against the traffic flow.
  • Keep your eyes ahead to see hazards such as an open grate, train tracks, pebbles, cracked asphalt, etc.
  • Do not listen to music or text while on the road. Your eyes and mind should be on traffic.

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If you suffered severe injuries because of a bike accident that wasn’t your fault, you deserve fair compensation. But if your insurance company doesn’t share this sentiment, contacting our Antioch bicycle accident lawyers should be prioritized. Contact The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens to discuss your legal rights by dialing 847-395-2200. The insurance company has lawyers who will do everything possible to deny your claim. At this point, you need aggressive representation, so you don’t pay for your medical bills out of pocket. Get the money you deserve with our help.

How Medical Doctor Evaluations Impact Personal Injury Claims

If you sustained injuries at your workplace, you might be entitled to medical treatment, disability benefits, and other benefits per the Workers’ Compensation Act. As per the Act, your employer and the insurance company have the right to choose the doctor who will treat your injury. They also have the right to define the treatments you will get. But the doctor’s professional medical opinion will impact your claim and when you can resume work.

How Medical Evaluations Impact Personal Injury Claims

The first thing you need to do after sustaining workplace injuries is to get medical treatment. Failure to do so or delays can prove hazardous for your health and compromise your personal injury claim. The insurer may think your injuries aren’t severe enough to merit compensation. Some of the ways a medical evaluation will impact your claim include the following:

Diagnosis Accuracy

The first thing you need to do is get an accurate diagnosis from your chosen doctor. Some injuries are simple to diagnose, such as car or motorcycle accidents. However, slip and fall injuries can be a bit more complex than these. The accuracy of the diagnosis will determine the tests and appointments you will need, which can add up to hefty medical bills. Insurers will also consider the time between the diagnosis and treatment. For instance, if your doctors spend too long diagnosing you, they may think your injuries are not severe enough and thus don’t deserve pain and suffering compensation. These damages are calculated by multiplying economic damages such as your medical bills with a number ranging from one to five. Similarly, if most of your medical bills are for diagnostic tests, the insurer may believe you don’t need a high multiplier. For more information on damage types, click here.


The treatment’s timing, type, and frequency also impact your personal injury claim. This includes the duration between the accident and treatment, your treatment types, and how long each one lasted. So if you failed to get medical treatment right after your accident, the insurance company might try to give you a low offer. Similarly, if you could not follow up on treatment for a month after the last one, you can face the same issue. The same is true if the doctor cannot provide treatment evidence consistent with serious injuries. The insurance company will also consider whether your treatment was invasive or not. Non-invasive treatments include MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, etc., and invasive ones include surgery and injections. The latter may suggest painful injuries. Your doctor will consider your condition chronic if your treatments last more than three months post-accident. If you recover in less time, convincing insurers you deserve compensation can be challenging without help from Antioch personal injury lawyers.

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What Factors Increase Car Accident Fatalities?

In 2020, a total of 38,800 deaths resulted from car accidents. This is the highest death count since 2007, and the numbers keep increasing. Drivers have a duty of care to ensure the safety of other drivers and passengers. Many fail to uphold it by ignoring traffic rules. If you are part of the statistic, i.e., you lost loved ones to irresponsible drivers, contact a Cook County Accident lawyer to get closure as you sue for damages.

Top Factors That Cause Car Accident Fatalities

Some of the common factors that cause fatal car accidents include:

Distracted Driving

This is considered the number one cause of fatal car accidents in the US. It takes the driver’s focus off the road, which can easily cause serious accidents. Common examples include:

  • Texting
  • Eating
  • Loud music
  • Applying makeup
  • Using a handheld device
  • Talking to passengers incessantly
  • Drinking while driving
  • Unsecured pets in the car
  • Adjusting the GPS
  • Tuning the radio


Speeding can cause a pileup or collision with other vehicles, animals, and pedestrians crossing the road. The crash is almost always fatal at high speed. Limits ensure drivers have sufficient time to break to avoid obstacles and other people on the road. So if you are doing a 60 in a 35 zone, you may not be able to brake in time at a red light or brake too late when a child runs across the road chasing their pet or ball.

Drunk Driving

While drunk driving is not the number one cause of fatal car accidents anymore because of successful campaigns, it is still on the list. Whether you drank a whole wine bottle or just one beer can, your alcohol tolerance may not be as strong as you think. You can start getting drowsy and disoriented on the road while heading home and cause a fatal accident. Avoid that by assigning a designated driver or calling a ride-share.

Bad Weather

Roads slippery from melting snow and rainwater can cause a car to skid out of control, whether it is going slowly or at high speed. You can quickly spin out of control or skid on the wet surface. So even if you try to avoid someone on the road, inertia and the slick road will still cause a serious collision.

Running Stop Signs

Stop signs are set down at intersections so that drivers get the chance to look for oncoming traffic before proceeding. Run a stop sign, and you will surely ram or get rammed by a vehicle from the other side. Rollover and side-impact accidents are common and can prove fatal.

Running Red Lights

Drivers driving at red lights have higher chances of causing car accidents or wrongful deaths. Most cause side-impact collisions and pileups when they run the light at high speed.

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Did you lose a loved one because of a car accident caused by the factors mentioned above? You can file a wrongful death claim with help from a Cook County auto accident lawyer from The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens. We have over 20 years of experience aiding victims, and grieving relatives like you get closure and compensation worth millions of dollars. Our services are confidential and personalized. Contact us for a consultation by dialing 847-395-2200.

Are All Employers Required To Carry Workers’ Compensation?

All employers in Illinois must carry workers’ compensation insurance whether they have half-time or full-time workers. They can get a policy from any insurance company or get permission if they want to self-insure. There are certain exceptions. If your employer refuses to carry it, you can and should sue with help from Lake County workers’ compensation lawyers.

What is an ‘Employer’ as per the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act?

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act (IWCA) defines an ’employer’ as the following:

  • Any firm, individual, public/private company with people in service or under contract working for them.
  • Illinois state, any of its counties, villages, towns, cities, townships, political bodies, schools, or municipalities.
  • Any individual in business or enterprise undertaking work enumerated in the IWC.

What is an ‘Employee’ as per the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act?

As per the IWCA, an ’employee’ can be any of the following:

  • Any individual employed by an employer with a contract with the state or a government entity.
  • Any individual who is serving the state or a government entity.

The Exceptions

There are exceptions. As per the Act, any individual working as a real estate broker, salesman, or broker-salesman paid via commissions may not be eligible for workers’ compensation. Corporate officers, business partners, sole proprietors, and limited liability company members are exempt from workers’ compensation requirements. This also includes independent contractors. The only exceptions are enterprises involved in hazardous work such as construction and trucking.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If your employer is eligible to provide these benefits, you will qualify for the following:

Medical Costs

All of your medical costs following a workplace accident will be covered.

Choice of Doctors

You can go to the doctor your employer recommends or other preferred ones.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

You are entitled to a week’s wage if you need that time to heal from injuries. It is two-thirds of your average weekly wage.

Lump Sum Settlement

Also known as partial permanent disability benefits, these can compensate you if you lose the use of a body part. The body part will determine payment.

Permanent Total Disability

You get lifetime benefits if you cannot do any work or lose two of the same body parts to a workplace injury. It’s called permanent total disability benefits.

Lost Wages

If you cannot work as you heal from injuries, you get temporary total disability benefits or lost wages that are two-thirds of your weekly salary.

Job Training

You can get retraining for another job that you can do despite the disabilities resulting from a workplace accident. This is applicable if you cannot return to work because of those injuries.

Survivor Benefits

Heirs or dependents of workers killed on the job are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

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If your employer refuses to get workers’ compensation insurance and you get injured on the job, you can sue for damages and compensation. Contact The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens to discuss legal options today by dialing 847-395-2200. Our Lake County workers’ compensation lawyers have been fighting for victims’ rights for decades and have recovered millions in compensation. Get in touch with us before it is too late.

How the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act Changed With HB-1208

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act (IWCA) underwent changes this year, collectively called HB-1208. The revisions simplify the language and streamline the Commission’s hiring process.

Top Changes Made to the IWCA

Some of the revisions to the IWCA include the following:

Narrower Qualifications for Commission Appointees

As of April, only Illinois legal practitioners can be appointed to the Commission by the Illinois Supreme Court. They cannot discard that authorization or qualification throughout their employment term. Previous eligibility factors (such as arbitration for three years at the Commission or four years of professional labor) are not eligible anymore. These changes ensure appointees have experience as attorneys or in judicial roles.

Changes for Arbitrators

Rotations for arbitrators will now be four years maximum from the previous two years. The Commission also doesn’t have the authority to appoint them, and the Chairman has to provide performance reviews at their discretion. While this change means that those reviews will lessen in number, that can also lead to multiple reviews per year. The amendments increase efficiency so experienced arbitrators can work to their full potential in familiar jurisdictions. Rotating arbitrators will also benefit from this arrangement from an ethical standpoint. Besides these changes, the Self-Insured Administration Board was changed to the Self-Insurers Security Fund to account for administrative changes.

How to Determine If Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Is Too Low

The abovementioned changes to the Commission may streamline your claim by enhancing system productivity and efficiency. But you can also ensure you get the compensation you deserve with help from personal injury lawyers. They know when insurance companies are short-changing their clients with lowball offers. Here are some signs that they will flag:

You Receive a Quick Offer

Your first workers’ compensation offer should take a few weeks to arrive post-accident. If the insurance company sends one immediately, they probably hope you will ignore future costs. Your attorney can use these offers as a starting point to a better one you deserve. So always ensure that an experienced attorney reviews your offer first.

The Offer Is Sparse

A fair settlement should include your past and future medical bills, the wages you lose while recuperating from injuries, and other costs. In other words, the insurance company has to cover ALL losses you suffered, not just the ones they are willing to pay. It’s not up to them. If seasoned legal professionals handle the claim process, you may get a more significant settlement amount than you think you deserve. It’s why insurers ignore specific compensation categories hoping you won’t notice. So if you think they are trying to short-change you, talk to a seasoned attorney specializing in workers’ compensation claims.

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How to Prepare Your Car to Help Prevent Winter Auto Accidents

Your car will perform differently during the winter. Winter car accidents increase tenfold as temperatures drop and snow/ice buildup on the roads. Drivers have a duty of care to drive safely on these roads, so you should hire Woodstock car accident lawyers after an accident.

How to Winterize a Car to Prevent Accidents

To prevent your car from skidding, rolling over, sliding, or crashing into other vehicles on the road during winter, winterize it using these tips:

Clean the battery terminals

Battery terminals and posts can accumulate corrosion. With time, the buildup prevents the battery from charging, making your car stall. You can prevent this from happening by clearing the corrosion. First, disconnect the negative and then the positive cable from the battery. Clean the posts using a cleaning tool or brush, and then clean the terminals using the same equipment. Make sure you really get in there. Acid and grease residue can do a number on a car’s battery. Use a paper towel if you have to. Once clean-up is done, place the positive and negative cables back into the battery.

Add lube to the window tracks

The cold can freeze your windows shut, and melting snow can also create drag as you open them. This can damage the regulator cables, which are not cheap to replace. Plus, stuck windows are the last thing you need when your car stalls in a winter storm. Prevent this by lubricating the window tracks using dry Teflon or spray silicone lubricant. Application is easy. Just lower the window and spray into the track. Lower and raise the window multiple times, so the lube spreads evenly across the tracks. Clean up the glass if there are any smears on it. Repeat for the other windows.

Check tire tread

Worn tire treads cannot create sufficient friction on the road to prevent your car from skidding if it hits black ice. To prevent winter car accidents, check your tires for tread wear. They should also be rotated each time the oil is changed. Check the tread using a penny. Just place it in the tire’s groove, making sure that Lincoln’s head is facing you. His head should not be visible when you put it on the tread. If it is, the tread has worn off significantly, and the tires should be replaced.

Replace the wiper blades with winterized ones

Typical wiper blades can collect snow, so they cannot clear your windshield properly. Winter wiper blades are designed to prevent this from happening. The whole blade is covered with a rubber case that deflects snow and ice, so it doesn’t stick. Just snap these winter wiper blades in place of your old ones, and you won’t have to pull over to clear your windshield.

Replace the air filter

A clogged cabin air filter can compromise the airflow in your vehicle via your heater. With time, it can strain the blower motor and make its resistor overheat. Replace the air filter before the winter to prevent this. You can get it from any auto parts store. Just ensure that the one you get is correctly oriented to your vehicle. Some models have a specific airflow direction.

Contact The Law Offices Of Robert T. Edens For A Consultation Today!

If you were involved in a winter car accident and the driver of the other vehicle refuses to pay for damages, contact The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens today. We have experienced and dedicated Woodstock car accident lawyers on staff who can go up against their insurance companies if needed. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients throughout the years.

How to Avoid the Most Common Winter Injuries

Winter injuries can be quite severe. Falls and other accidents during this season can lead to broken bones and traumatic brain injuries and prove fatal. A slip can pull a muscle or twist an ankle even if you remain on your feet. In any case, you will be out for the count for a few days or months.

Top Winter Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Your employer’s job is to ensure you remain safe in your workplace, irrespective of the season. Grayslake personal injury lawyers will tell you the same and can advocate for you if your claim is denied. Prevention is better than cure in this case. Here are some of the top winter injuries you can avoid with some precautions:

Broken Bones and Sprains from Slip and Fall Accidents

Black ice is difficult to spot, and slipping on this sleek surface can leave you a crumpled, painful heap on the ground. The result is usually broken bones, back injuries, neck injuries, sprains, and severe concussions. The older you are, the more prone you are to these injuries, and your recovery time may also be prolonged.

How to avoid

The best way to avoid these injuries is to choose practical footwear. A good set of hiking boots will keep you on your feet on icy roads and pathways, provided you walk carefully. Sprinting is NOT recommended, and keep an eye out for potential hazards that can trip you or make you slip.

Hypothermia from Cold Exposure

Our core temperature drops rapidly if we remain in the cold for too long. If it drops below 95°F, hypothermia sets in and can prove fatal. Warning signs include:

  • Loss of focus.
  • Impaired thinking.
  • Shivering.
  • High pulse.
  • Heavy breathing.

How to avoid

If you have to work outside for hours, make sure you have plenty of layers on and do not get wet. Plus, head inside every half hour to get your temperature back to normal before heading out again. Also, don’t drink on the job. Alcohol can hasten the onset of hypothermia.

Frostbite Following Hypothermia

When the body is exposed to low temperatures for prolonged periods, it starts to freeze. Exposed extremities such as fingertips, ears, and nose tips are the most vulnerable to this cold injury. These turn black and may have to be amputated. The first signs include:

  • Clumsiness.
  • Numbness.
  • Cold skin.
  • Discolored or blackened skin.

How to avoid

Protect your extremities with warm socks, hats, gloves, and other equipment that can prevent frostbite. If you think you are getting frostbite, get treatment ASAP. This includes re-warming, wound care, and pain control. You can avoid these winter injuries if your employer ensures staff safety with relevant precautionary measures. If you think their negligence caused your workplace injury and they refuse to provide compensation, hire Grayslake personal injury lawyers right away.

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The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens P.C. has more than two decades of experience protecting the rights of personal injury victims through talented Grayslake personal injury lawyers. With offices across Illinois, we have the expertise and knowledge about local employment laws that can strengthen your claim. Contact us for a consultation today. We can develop a strategy to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. You shouldn’t suffer because of your employer’s negligence.