Client Testimonials

Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

A review of just a few of these videos will show you why we say,”WE DON’T CLAIM TO BE THE BEST – OTHERS DO!”
Illinois Attorney Robert Edens and his Law Group have helped thousands of injured people get fair settlements for their personal injury claims.
On this page you will find video and written testimonials from just a few of the people that we have helped.

After getting injured while riding his motorcycle, Bob’s friend, and client, was getting the run around from his insurance company so Attorney Edens gave him a copy of his first book, “The Rule of 5′s and THEY Will Sabotage Your Case“. After reading it, his friend decided to hire Bob and was glad he did when he was awarded over $600,000.

Questions about the Statute of Limitations (SOL), what your case is worth, costs, mediation, jurisdiction, settlements, depositions, and any other legal matters can be discussed directly with Bob, at no charge, by clicking here. If you prefer to make an appointment as soon as possible, please call 847-395-2200.

Nichole was involved in a car accident in Kildeer, IL, on her way to work, when a driver cut her off at an intersection. Attorney Edens’ client suffered neck injuries causing pain for over a year, and ultimately requiring surgery and painful physical therapy before a full recovery was made. Nicole received a $100,000 settlement and would highly recommend Bob Edens to anyone in need of an auto accident attorney.

In a 3 car collision, in which Mary was the middle car, she suffered severe neck injuries requiring 3 screws and a metal plate in her cervical spine area. The painful neck surgery will definitely compromise the future integrity of her spine and impact her life, health, and career. Finding Bob on the Internet while searching for a local attorney, Mary was extremely happy with the outcome of her case and received a very generous award for her injuries.

Denise from Antioch, IL was cut off by a motorist making a right turn in front of her. Her injuries were caused by the impact to her upper body from bracing herself against the vehicle’s steering wheel. She suffered shoulder, neck, arms, and wrist injuries. After finding Bob on the internet and watching other client testimonials she decided to contact The Law Offices of Robert Edens.

After a double carpal tunnel release and a radial and ulna nerve release surgery, all Denise had to do was recover and wait for her award of a half-million dollars. If you have a case you would like to discuss directly with Bob, at no charge, click here. If you prefer to make an appointment as soon as possible, please call 847-395-2200.

Rod was rear-ended while stopped at an intersection. Self-employed and suffering back injuries, Rod faced surgery with a lengthy recovery in which he needed to support his family. A friend recommended Bob. Despite a longer than usual settlement timeframe, Bob’s client was awarded nearly a million dollars for his injuries, loss of past, present, and future earnings.

Former defendant of Mr. Edens describes why formerly being sued by Mr. Edens made him want to become a client when he was in another auto accident several years later. This client was traveling southbound toward Wauconda on Illinois Route 59 in Lake County when another vehicle made a left-hand turn in front of him. Bob’s client was struck

on the driver’s side of his vehicle and narrowly escaped a traumatic brain injury but did suffer serious head, neck, back and spine injuries including two herniated discs, a concussion, and nerve damage to the entire right side of his body. According to his testimonial, he thanks attorney Robert Edens for being “set for life” and living happily with his family in Arizona.

If your claim has been denied, or if you are getting the run around from the insurance company, you may want to speak to Attorney Bob Edens to protect your legal rights. Call now for a free consultation 847-395-2200.

Bob’s client was involved in a head-on collision in Lake in the Hills, McHenry County, IL, and suffered spinal column injuries requiring several back surgeries to relieve the debilitating pain. However, after retaining Attorney Edens to represent him, he did not have to do anything but get well. Bob took care of obtaining all medical records, all phone calls, correspondence with the insurance company, and everything else that had to be done.

In the end, he was “very happy with the outcome and would recommend Attorney Bob Edens to anyone that needed a personal injury attorney.” In addition to handling back injuries and auto accidents, Bob Edens represents clients who have suffered dog bite attacks, pedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents, on the job injuries including meniscus tears, rotator cuff injuries, knee injuries, ankle injuries, and many others. Attorney Edens has been practicing personal injury law for over 20 years in Lake and McHenry Counties including Antioch, Grayslake, Lake Villa, Round Lake, Barrington, Wauconda and has received millions of dollars in damages on behalf of his clients for injuries including • Lake and McHenry County Personal Injury

After a head-on collision, it was necessary for Ella to have spinal surgery and find an attorney to help her navigate the complexities and difficulties she was having with the insurance company. She Googled Car Accident Lawyers and found The Law Offices of Robert Edens. She states she is very happy with Bob, his legal assistant, Suzie, and her settlement.

Elizabeth from Lake in The Hills says that Bob was “amazing” regarding the handling of her car crash case. “I was always able to get in touch with either Bob or Suzie and they answered all of my questions. I was able to get my car replaced and by the end of the year, I had $250,000. Questions about the Statute of Limitations (SOL), what your case is worth, costs, mediation, jurisdiction, settlements, depositions, and any other legal matters can be
discussed directly with Bob, at no charge, by clicking here. If you prefer to make an appointment as soon as possible, please call 847-395-2200.

Tragically, Bob’s client lost his prized hunting dog during a freak accident in which a 16 year old accidentally shot and killed her. The initial settlement offer of $5,000 was unacceptable since the owner spent a lot of money training the dog. After hiring Attorney Bob Edens the agreed-upon settlement was $25,000 which was more in-line with the actual investment amount in the dog.

Joan was involved in an automobile accident and was lucky enough to escape major injuries. Because she suffered only minor injuries, she thought she might not need an attorney. She came in for her FREE consultation because she needed her car replaced as soon as possible. Together they decided that Bob would handle her case so she could get back to work. She rented a car that very same day and everything regarding her case, from there on out, was handled for her. All she needed to do was pick up her check to get her new car which had been totaled in the accident. Her case was settled in a matter of weeks, not months. Bob often recommends people handle smaller claims themselves as not all cases require assistance from an attorney. Generally, cases with only a few thousand dollars’ worth of damages and or medical costs can easily be settled on your own. I encourage you to order my FREE book, The Rule of Fives, if you are considering handling your claim on your own. It will guide you through the process and help you successfully and confidently settle your case. However, if your case involves a significant amount of medical bills, lost wages, and other damages, it is likely that hiring an attorney will substantially benefit you in the end. The best answer to the question of whether or not to hire a lawyer is to contact an experienced attorney and seek advice as to whether or not they recommend you retain legal counsel for your particular situation. I invite you to contact me for a free, honest evaluation of your case. Again, oftentimes I recommend that people handle a case themselves and give them a substantial amount of advice and information on just how to do it. You are always welcome to contact my firm at 847-395-2200 to seek advice on the best course of action for your given circumstances. Remember, there is never a charge unless you win.

Lori was rear-ended when she was stopped at a light to make a left-hand turn. Lori suffered neck injuries consistent with being hit from behind, including neck pain, soft tissue damage, a herniated disc, and periodic numbness in her arms. Lori tried to handle the matter herself, directly through her insurance company but when they refused to cover her neck surgery, claiming it was from an existing injury, she found Attorney Robert Edens on Google.

Dear Mr. Edens:

can’t thank you enough for helping my son resolve his legal troubles and move on with his life. We are all eager to put this in the past and thanks to you that is now possible.

Maria from Round Lake, IL

I wanted to thank everyone at The Law Offices of Robert Edens for settling our car accident case so quickly. After trying to work it out with the other driver’s insurance company, we knew we needed to hire someone to represent our interests, especially since we needed a new car as soon as possible. Attorney Edens made that happen and it didn’t cost us anything out of pocket, which was good because I couldn’t go back to work for quite some time. Thanks again for all your hard work!

Dan Barnet – Island Lake, IL
Dear Mr. Edens-

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy I am with the way my worker’s compensation case was handled. Suzie made sure I was updated, informed, and prepared prior to every court date which made me feel incredibly at ease. Thanks for the great job in winning my case.

Alan – Lake Villa, IL

highly recommend Bob Edens and his law firm. He has delivered on everything he promised. He was straight up and gave me realistic expectations for what I could anticipate with regards to a settlement. There were no surprises and he fought very hard on my behalf. If you have a personal injury claim, I suggest you let The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens to represent you for the best possible outcome.

Beth Ann Molloy, Pleasant Prairie, WI

Thank you for the settlement you received from Allstate. I am thankful I chose Attorney Edens as my lawyer and I appreciate all the work you did on my case.

If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be in this legal fiasco I would have never believed it. After starting with another attorney who withdrew when the going got tough and when I was out of money, I was fortunate when someone recommended The Law Offices of Robert Edens – right in my own town, Antioch, IL. I was very candid about my negative feeling towards lawyers in general and he detailed out the way his firm differed and how the handling of my case would be different. My case is finally winding down after 16 months, 12 of which were wasted with my first attorney. After feeling neglected and ripped off by my first lawyer, Bob put me at ease and explained his fees upfront so there were no surprises. A lawsuit was surprised enough; I didn’t need any more surprises. It is wonderful to finally be able to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Donna – Mundelein, IL

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