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The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C. has been fighting for the rights of personal injury victims and injured workers for over 20 years. Personal injury and Worker’s Compensation is all we do. Our law firm’s personal injury legal advice and services concentrate on: (1) Auto Accidents; (2) Trucking Accidents; (3) Motorcycle Accidents; (4) Dog Bite Injuries; (5) wrongful death Accidents; (6) Nursing Home Injuries; (7) Medical Malpractice; (8) And Many More. Our law firm is dedicated to providing our clients with top-notch representation and personalized legal advice to individuals who have been injured in an accident or while at work. If you or someone you love has been injured please take the time to review the pages of this website which was written by Bob Edens and his assistant personally. Just another example of why we believe our firm is the best firm for your case.

We have made contacting our law firm easier than ever. To start putting Bob’s 20+ years of experience to work answering your questions and explaining the options you can: (1) Request a chat; (2) Fill out a GET HELP NOW request; or (3) Just call. In most cases, we will get back to you within 24 hours. The initial evaluation with Bob is FREE. During the case evaluation, Bob will take a detailed look at the facts of your case and let you know whether you need an attorney and exactly what his law firm can do for you. You will not be pressured in any way to sign a contract. After hearing the details of your case, Bob and his staff will tell you if you need an attorney, and if so, whether his law firm is right for you.


Bob is recognized as a top-rated attorney that is ready, willing, and able to take even the most difficult cases all the way to trial and appeals if that’s what it takes to get his clients the money they deserve. Bob’s law firm has two mottos they like to live by: (1) “We don’t claim we’re the best – OTHERS DO!” – (2) “Others practice law – WE’RE PERFECTING OUR PRACTICE!

To see how others claim we are the best visit our TESTIMONIALS page and watch numerous videos of satisfied clients claiming that Robert Edens is the best attorney for your case. To see how we are perfecting the practice of law take the time to review just some of the hundreds of pages on this website. Each and every page was written by Bob and his assistant personnel.

This is not a canned website, but a host of valuable information for current and prospective clients. It may not have all the glamor of the large law firms, but it shows how we have perfected our practice to provide our clients with TOP RATED and PERSONALIZED legal service in the fields of personal injury and workers’ compensation. Bob has been recognized as a top attorney in Illinois and has a top rating in AVVO. He is an active member of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, the American Trial Lawyers Association, and the Lake County Bar Association.

In furtherance of his goal to provide the injured with top-rated legal services, Bob has written three books to date. His first book was dedicated to personal injury in general. It also focused on how insurance companies often use unscrupulous tactics to lower or deny the claims of personal injury victims. Because of his vast experience in the area, Bob’s focused his second book on dog bite injuries, a field that seems to be growing with the change in breeds and mishandling of dogs.

Bob’s most recent book focuses on the unique practice and field of Workers’ Compensation. All of Bob’s books are written in plain English and are designed to give the layman an insight into the various types of claims, how they are handled, and the issues that inevitably arise in each and every case.

To order a FREE copy of any of these books just click on the book you desire on the left column of any page of the site and we will be happy to mail you your copy today. If you have questions that you would like answered now visit our law firm’s Illinois Personal Injury FAQs page or Illinois Workers’ Compensation FAQs page.

We can not emphasize enough the importance of getting legal advice in all but the most minor of cases. Remember, THE CALL IS FREE – THE ADVICE CAN BE PRICELESS!

Since 1991, The Law Office of Robert T. Edens has been protecting the rights of people injured in a wide variety of cases, including automobile, motorcycle, trucking, and boating accidents. It has been said many times that “each case must be looked at on its own merits,” and “When vigorously representing a client, a lawyer should not leave any stone unturned.”

It is with these in mind that we at the Law Offices of Robert T. Edens strive to give each case the personal and complete attention it deserves. We feel that it is this personal service and attention to detail that sets us apart from the other firms, large and small. Whether you have been injured in an auto accident, struck down by a car on your bicycle, or injured at work, we will give you and your case the attention you deserve.

Accomplished and Effective Attorneys — Individual Attention

Robert “Bob” Edens, along with his associates, will provide you will superior personalized legal service. Bob was born in Schaumburg, but his family has always had a summer home in Antioch on Fox Lake. Having been raised in the Lake County area, Bob is familiar with the various cities and their social and legal histories and backgrounds including Antioch, Fox Lake, Grayslake, Lake Villa, Round Lake, Lindenhurst, Gurnee, etc.

Bob got his undergraduate degree from Arizona State University in Tempe Arizona. He majored in accounting and passed the C.P.A. exam right after graduation. Upon returning to Illinois, Bob moved into the family home in Antioch and went to night school at DePaul University. Two years after passing the C.P.A. exam, Bob had a Masters of Science in Taxation from DePaul and went to work in Chicago for one of the then Big Eight accounting firms. Shortly thereafter Bob entered law school at IIT Chicago Kent College of Law. Three years later Bob had his J.D. in law. He then took and passed the California Bar exam and the Illinois Bar exam.

After finishing his education, Bob went into solo practice. Bob’s brother, Edward Edens, had been practicing law for 10 years when Bob went into practice and helped Bob, by training him in the practice of DUI Defense. Bob got much of his initial jury and bench trial, as well as hearing, experiences during his early years in practice defending individuals charged with driving under the influence.

It is this litigation experience that Bob brings to the table that many other small firm attorneys can’t offer their clients. Within 5 years of practice, Bob was earning most of his income from representing individuals that were injured in auto accidents. Soon this practice branched off into all kinds of practice areas including trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian, uninsured and underinsured motorist cases, arbitration, and trials.

Through this experience, Bob learned all about the insurance industry and the various tricks and traps that adjusters would use to devalue personal injury victims’ claims. After nearly 20 years of dealing with unscrupulous insurance companies and their adjusters, Bob thought it was time to help personal injury victims before they were victimized again by adjusters. With this in mind, Bob wrote his first book, The Rule of Fives and How They Will Sabotage Your Case.

The insurance companies hate this book. Since writing the book Bob and his staff continually hear over and over from clients and readers that the book describes exactly what the adjusters were doing to them. This book not only describes the whole claims process but helps injured persons to gauge the value of their claims and determine if an attorney is even needed to settle their claim. If a person is looking for an attorney, the book even goes into how to select an attorney and what questions to ask them. If you have been injured and are dealing with an adjuster the book is free to help you through the process, just call the office or send a request and we will forward you a copy in the mail.

In recent years Bob has seen a flood of individuals, many of them young children, coming to him with injuries caused by dog bites. These injuries oftentimes involve permanent scarring to the child’s body and face. Oftentimes these injuries could have been prevented. More and more individuals are keeping and training vicious breeds of dogs and not properly restraining them from innocent individuals that may come in contact with them.

Also, individuals with all good intentions rescue dogs from shelters with no knowledge of the environment in which the dog was raised. These dogs may be very loving and become close members of the family. However, unknown to the owner the dog may act out aggressively when faced with an unknown company. It was under circumstances similar to this that two dogs attacked Bob’s daughter.

Illinois has enacted the Animal Control Act to protect victims of animal attacks including dogs and other animals. To assist individuals injured by animal attacks, Bob has written his second book, “WHAT TO DO, When the Dog Bites.” If you or someone you know has been the victim of an animal attack, feel free to call or send a request for a FREE copy of this book. We think you’ll find it invaluable in dealing with any insurance company after a dog bite.

Recently the BIG insurance industry flexed its muscles and laid down some big money to lobby the congressman of our state. As a result, there was a major overhaul of the WORKERS’ COMPENSATION laws. The effect was to take the amounts paid to doctors for services related to worker’s compensation injuries and cut them by one-third. Also, the number of commissioners was cut back as well as hearing dates at all the venues.

Before, there was a commission at each venue, including Lake County, every month to hear cases. Now the commissions travel from venue to venue and are only available to hear cases at any one venue every three months. You can only imagine how this has played out in the ability of the insurance companies to deny and delay claims. If they refuse to pay, it is often three months to get a pre-trial with the hearing officer. Then, if things still don’t get settled, another 3 months to get to an actual hearing.

In addition to this, the amount paid for the exact same injuries has gone down by about a third. The result has been a windfall for the insurance companies and a loss to the doctors and injured workers. The statistics have shown that in spite of the fact that insurance companies are now paying less, insurance cost savings have NOT been passed on to employers. Go figure.

To help injured workers through the pile of issues that they are inevitably going to face, Bob has written his third in a series of books called, “12 Things Every Injured Employee MUST Know.” This book will describe the claims handling process from the time of the injury to the time you get the final settlement check in your hand.

If you would like to order this book or any other one of Bob’s books, just look on the left sidebar and click on the book of your choice. We will be happy to send you your FREE copy right out to you. Please don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you. They have a team of trained professionals working to minimize the amount they have to pay you, don’t you think you should get trained professionals fighting for you and protecting your rights?

In addition to his books, Bob and his staff have personally written and designed this website to help innocent victims through the maze of issues that they face as a result of being hurt through no fault of their own. There are numerous pages dedicated to the most common, and not so-most common, traumatic injuries. There are pages dedicated to severe brain injuries, brain sheering injuries, neck, thoracic and lumbar injuries, shoulder, arm, and wrist injuries, and hip, knee, and ankle injuries. These pages describe the nature of these injuries, their diagnosis, the treatment options, and the prognosis given various treatments taken.

There are hundreds of case results, both settlements and jury verdicts, broken down by category which can be used to determine the value of your case. This is an invaluable tool that is available to you, ONLY here at our site. Although each case must be taken on its own merits and stand on its own facts, there is no real way to know the value of a case without knowing what other similar cases have settled for.

Finally, as soon as you are involved in a car crash, the other driver has an insurance company that has a whole staff of investigators with one goal in mind, to reduce the amount they will have to pay you as a result of their insured client’s conduct. Bob and his staff have over 20 years of experience in dealing with insurance companies and their adjuster. The at-fault driver has a team working for them, you deserve a team working for you.

Each case is unique and that is why we take the time to listen attentively to understand the particulars of your case. Only then can we develop the right strategies to meet all the needs of our clients on a case-by-case basis. Our attorneys are dedicated and always accessible to you. All calls are monitored by our staff 24/7 so you can speak directly to Bob immediately if there has been a car accident, injury, arrest, or another urgent legal matter. We return phone calls promptly and strive to keep you informed. All personal injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis—you pay no fees or costs unless you collect. See how we have developed our outstanding reputation and earned the title of “Lake County, IL best personal injury law firm.”

Suzie Musich is Bob’s personal assistant and right hand. Suzie has over 20 years of experience as a legal assistant with Bob and other lawyers in the Lake County area. Suzie is a graduate of Waukegan West High School. She began her legal career while still in high school working for the law firm of Hall, Holmberg, Sloan, Roach, Johnston, & Fisher. She then went on to work for Raymond Boldt, followed then by Mary J. Clark and Joseph R. Poell at the law firm of Sullivan, Smith, Hauser, and Noonan, & then with Matthew Chancey, a former prosecutor with the Lake County State’s Attorney. She has worked in all areas of law and has always dedicated herself to her job and family.

Celebrating her twenty-second wedding anniversary this year, she looks forward to spending time with her family and friends. When Suzie is not keeping things organized at the office, she is coordinating the busy schedules of her two children. Her daughter is involved in cheerleading at Antioch High School and her son is involved in football for The Antioch Vikings, as well as many other sports throughout Antioch Upper-Grade School.

Having seen the devastating effects that injury victims face over her years with Bob, Suzie is all too familiar with the way that insurance companies and their attorneys and adjusters treat personal injury victims. Suzie has worked personally with Bob on cases involving wrongful death, axonal brain shearing, open-book pelvic fractures, rotator cuff surgeries, knee replacement surgeries, and many more. Her experience has made her dedicated to Put Your Mind At Ease and Call Our Office for a Free, Honest, No Obligation Consultation.

Whether someone has been injured in a car crash, slip and fall, or a work-related injury, Suzie has the experience to know how to get the case settled or ready for trial. Her experience working with Bob has dedicated her to his clients and their ability to obtain the compensation they deserve.

Suzie is aware of the status of each and every case that the firm is handling and is available each day to answer any questions you may have about your case. If she is not able to answer your questions, she will be sure that Bob gets back to you as soon as he is available. Susie prides herself on personalized client service and you can be sure that once you are a client, you have someone who is there to keep you apprised of the status of your case and answer all your questions.

Suzie goes beyond what you would expect from a legal assistant. It is this additional effort that makes our firm superior to the completion. She can often be found assisting clients with their health insurance claims, making sure that their bills get paid and their credit stays clean. This, well as the other help she gives our clients, is what sets up apart from the rest. When we agree to take on your case, you become part of our family, part of our firm, and we will dedicate ourselves to ensuring you get the most money that you deserve for your injuries.

We are Committed to Giving Your Case the Personal Service it Deserves

We strive to give every case the individual attention that it deserves. Often this means going beyond the ordinary business of practicing law and just helping the injured client and their family get through the pain and suffering caused, get their bills paid, and get their life back on track. Almost every case is well within our limits and expertise. If the case is not something that we handle, we would be glad to refer you to an attorney or law firm that can. Other than the types of cases mentioned above, in over 20 years of practice, we have handled wrongful death cases, medical malpractice cases, nursing home cases, pedestrian cases, train accident cases, boating accident cases, and many more.

We Are Prepared to Get You The Most Money You Can Get For Your Injuries

It is not just the types of cases that we have handled in our 20-plus years of service, it is also the serious injuries that our clients have come to us with asking for us to dedicate and focus our skills to get them the most money that the law allows. We have represented individuals with traumatic brain injuries, herniated bulging and protruding discs, rotator cuff injuries, spinal fractures and surgeries, carpal tunnel, open-book pelvic fractures, hip replacements, knee, ankle, and foot surgeries, and many more.

Technological Investment & Advantages

In order to succeed at trial in today’s world, an attorney must employ state-of-the-art technology. We employ automated accident simulations and other high-tech trial presentation methods. Today’s juries in Lake County, McHenry County, and Cook County Accident Reconstruction Gives The Jury a Clear Picture of The At-Fault Driver’s Actions well have grown up in an age of video. It is no longer sufficient to show them a photo of the injury and have a doctor and witnesses testify.
Juries through Lake County whether they are composed of citizens from Antioch, Fox Lake, Gurnee, Grayslake, Lake Villa, Ingleside, Lindenhurst, or Round Lake demand that attorneys prove their case with more. They want to see what they are used to seeing Hollywood put on for the various movies and TV series they watch each day.

With this in mind, we employ accident reconstructionists who break down any accident to a fraction of a second with graphs and illustrations of what really took place based on sound scientific principles. We also use various types of demonstrative evidence to depict how surgeries are actually performed or how to depict how a work injury actually took place. All these are done on large screen presentations, which bring medical evidence and expert witness testimony to life for the jury. All of this gives you an advantage and an edge in your case. We are one of the few personal injury law firms using these advanced technologies.

Our Code of Ethics

The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens believe our clients are entitled to the highest standards of conduct, with one of the most important being attorney-client privilege. We represent clients from Antioch, Fox Lake, Gurnee, Grayslake, Lake Villa, Ingleside, Lindenhurst, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Heights, Round Lake Park, Waukegan, Zion, Highland Park, Libertyville, Mundelein, Algonquin, Crystal Lake, Lake in the Hills, McHenry, Woodstock, and North Chicago.

This means that we have a reputation to uphold in each and every community. As such, each lawyer or any member of our staff cannot reveal the things that have been discussed. This is true whether you hire an attorney or not. There are certain exceptions to this such as disclosing something illegal or intentions to commit perjury.

Other things you can expect from The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens:

  • A free, no-obligation case evaluation and consultation.
  • To have all of your questions answered.
  • Your legal options are explained in easy-to-understand language without legal gibberish.
  • An honest assessment of your case.
  • No fee for injury and accident cases until recovery of fair compensation is received.
  • Upfront written fee agreement for our firm’s representation in other types of cases.
  • To be kept updated on the progress of your case regularly and in a timely manner.
  • Privacy and security of your personal information.

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Antioch Illinois attorney Robert T. Edens welcomes residents of the Chicago area and Northern Illinois, including the following communities: Fox Lake, Gurnee, Grayslake, Lake Villa, Ingleside, Lindenhurst, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Heights, Round Lake Park, Waukegan, Zion, Highland Park, Libertyville, Mundelein, Algonquin, Crystal Lake, Lake in the Hills, McHenry, Woodstock, and North Chicago.

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