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After a personal injury, many victims are required to seek healthcare. However, sometimes the victims experience further suffering due to medical malpractice. The term medical malpractice could mean several different things, though. There is a whole host of common malpractice situations that we lump together under the medical malpractice umbrella. Some of the most common types of medical malpractice include the failure to diagnose a condition, injuries or fatalities due to childbirth, the lack of informed consent, carelessness or negligence, pharmacy misfills, and HMO misconduct. Medical malpractice is everywhere, but if you live in Zion, Illinois, or the greater Chicago area, you need to seek legal counsel to cover your bases.


It is an extremely sad and unfortunate occurrence, but sometimes healthcare providers fail to diagnose a disease. For example, some individuals with cancer know that something isn’t right and seek help from the healthcare establishment. However, instead of getting better, they are misdiagnosed and lose valuable time that could have been used to fight the disease in its infancy. When this occurs, the victim of medical malpractice is entitled to restitution for their pain and suffering.

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