Can I Attend School While On Workers’ Compensation As a Teacher?

Can I Attend School While On Workers’ Compensation As a Teacher?

Teachers are in danger in schools from violent students, active shooters, poor maintenance, and an administration prioritizing student comfort over their safety. These underpaid and sometimes unpaid professional educators have to deal with challenging parents, students, and other stressors that can lead to mental illness and physical injuries. If you are injured during any of these altercations or accidents at school and wish to return while on workers’ compensation, you can claim disability.

Attending School as a Teacher While On Workers’ Compensation

If you were injured at school and your doctor says you can return with certain work restrictions, you can do so by claiming temporary disability benefits. Antioch workers’ compensation attorneys are dedicated to ensuring they get the compensation they deserve via successful workers’ compensation claims if their employers deny their claim. For example, say you injured your hip at school and had it replaced. Eventually, your doctor told you that you could return to school, but with restrictions, by claiming either temporary or permanent disability. You can claim the latter if your condition cannot improve further with treatment. Suppose the school doctor says you can work in your condition, but your employer refuses to reinstate you or accommodate you. In that case, you can and should sue for damages with help from Antioch workers’ compensation attorneys. As per Illinois law, they must reinstate you with restrictions or stay at home with two-thirds pay (under temporary disability). If your condition cannot improve further, but you can teach and claim permanent disability, your employer should accommodate necessary restrictions that can allow you to work. If they refuse, they can be held liable for back pay and other damages if you take them to court.

Responding To a Permanent Disability Claim Denial

If your permanent disability claim was denied, you could appeal the decision. First, understand why the decision was made – you may have missed a critical deadline, entered incorrect information in a form, etc. Ask for a copy of your claim file as well. It contains every piece of information that the insurance company used to examine your claim. Gather supporting evidence so the judge has all the information needed to make a ruling in your favor. If you are also receiving other benefits, such as Social Security Disability, make sure those documents (such as approval letters and benefit statements) are in your file. These will support your permanent disability claim.

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