How the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act Changed With HB-1208

How the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act Changed With HB-1208

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act (IWCA) underwent changes this year, collectively called HB-1208. The revisions simplify the language and streamline the Commission’s hiring process.

Top Changes Made to the IWCA

Some of the revisions to the IWCA include the following:

Narrower Qualifications for Commission Appointees

As of April, only Illinois legal practitioners can be appointed to the Commission by the Illinois Supreme Court. They cannot discard that authorization or qualification throughout their employment term. Previous eligibility factors (such as arbitration for three years at the Commission or four years of professional labor) are not eligible anymore. These changes ensure appointees have experience as attorneys or in judicial roles.

Changes for Arbitrators

Rotations for arbitrators will now be four years maximum from the previous two years. The Commission also doesn’t have the authority to appoint them, and the Chairman has to provide performance reviews at their discretion. While this change means that those reviews will lessen in number, that can also lead to multiple reviews per year. The amendments increase efficiency so experienced arbitrators can work to their full potential in familiar jurisdictions. Rotating arbitrators will also benefit from this arrangement from an ethical standpoint. Besides these changes, the Self-Insured Administration Board was changed to the Self-Insurers Security Fund to account for administrative changes.

How to Determine If Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Is Too Low

The abovementioned changes to the Commission may streamline your claim by enhancing system productivity and efficiency. But you can also ensure you get the compensation you deserve with help from personal injury lawyers. They know when insurance companies are short-changing their clients with lowball offers. Here are some signs that they will flag:

You Receive a Quick Offer

Your first workers’ compensation offer should take a few weeks to arrive post-accident. If the insurance company sends one immediately, they probably hope you will ignore future costs. Your attorney can use these offers as a starting point to a better one you deserve. So always ensure that an experienced attorney reviews your offer first.

The Offer Is Sparse

A fair settlement should include your past and future medical bills, the wages you lose while recuperating from injuries, and other costs. In other words, the insurance company has to cover ALL losses you suffered, not just the ones they are willing to pay. It’s not up to them. If seasoned legal professionals handle the claim process, you may get a more significant settlement amount than you think you deserve. It’s why insurers ignore specific compensation categories hoping you won’t notice. So if you think they are trying to short-change you, talk to a seasoned attorney specializing in workers’ compensation claims.

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