Why You Should Never Dismiss A Head Injury

head injury

Head injuries, no matter how seemingly minor, should never be dismissed or taken lightly. The human brain is a complex and delicate organ, and any trauma to the head can potentially lead to long-lasting consequences. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of promptly recognizing and addressing head injuries and the potential consequences of neglecting them.

The human brain is encased in the protective skull but is still susceptible to injury when subjected to sudden forces, impacts, or accidents. Even a minor blow to the head can result in damage to the brain tissue, blood vessels, or nerves. Unlike some other injuries, head injuries may not always exhibit immediate external signs, making them deceptive and dangerous.

Recognizing the Signs of Head Injuries

One of the critical aspects of addressing head injuries is recognizing the signs and symptoms associated with them. These symptoms may vary in severity, but they should never be ignored.

Common signs of a head injury include:

  • Headache: Persistent or severe headaches following a head injury are cause for concern.
  • Nausea and Vomiting: Frequent nausea or vomiting can indicate a more severe head injury.
  • Confusion: Disorientation, confusion, or memory problems are significant red flags.
  • Loss of Consciousness: If the person loses consciousness, no matter how briefly, medical attention is essential.
  • Dizziness or Balance Issues: Difficulty maintaining balance or coordination can indicate a head injury.
  • Visual Problems: Blurred vision, double vision, or other visual disturbances should not be ignored.
  • Mood Changes: Sudden mood swings, irritability, or unusual behavior can be associated with head injuries.
  • Sleep Disturbances: Excessive sleepiness or difficulty waking up can be worrisome symptoms.

If you or a loved one is experiencing signs of a concussion after a head injury, do not delay in seeking emergency medical attention. Medical experts at Johns Hopkins Medicine believe that any head injury can cause severe and potentially life-threatening health consequences. Therefore, always seek medical attention when you or a loved one sustains an impact to the head.

Types of Head Injuries

Head injuries can range from mild to severe, with various types of injuries falling within this spectrum:

  • Concussion – A mild traumatic brain injury often characterized by temporary loss of consciousness or altered mental state.
  • Contusion – A bruise or bleeding on the brain’s surface caused by direct impact.
  • Skull Fracture – A break in the skull bone, which can be a severe and potentially life-threatening injury.
  • Intracranial Hemorrhage – Bleeding within the brain, which can lead to increased pressure and severe complications.

Any head injury should be evaluated promptly by a medical professional. Even seemingly mild concussions can have lasting effects if not properly managed. Medical evaluation can help identify the severity of the injury and determine the necessary course of action. Diagnostic tests such as CT scans or MRIs may be required to assess internal damage.

Long-Term Consequences

Neglecting a head injury can result in significant long-term consequences. Untreated or improperly managed head injuries can lead to:

  • Post-Concussion Syndrome – Persistent symptoms such as headaches, memory problems, and mood changes can last for weeks or months.
  • Cognitive Impairment – Head injuries can affect cognitive functions, including memory, attention, and problem-solving.
  • Emotional and Behavioral Changes – Mood disorders, anxiety, and depression can develop or worsen after a head injury.
  • Increased Risk of Future Injuries – Individuals who have suffered one head injury are at a higher risk of subsequent injuries, which can be more severe.

Why You Should Never Dismiss A Head Injury

The tragic deaths of Bob Saget and Frank Wycheck have highlighted the critical importance of taking even seemingly minor head injuries seriously. These two unrelated incidents serve as stark reminders that head trauma can have devastating consequences, regardless of its initial appearance.

Bob Saget’s Untimely Passing

In January 2022, the world mourned the loss of beloved comedian and actor Bob Saget. His sudden and unexpected death shocked fans and the entertainment industry alike. Initial reports suggested that Saget had fallen in his hotel room and sustained a head injury. While the exact circumstances surrounding his fall and subsequent passing were not immediately apparent, his case underscores the need for vigilance when it comes to head injuries.

Frank Wycheck’s Tragic Fall

Former NFL player Frank Wycheck experienced a similar tragedy in December 2023. Wycheck, a former tight end and a well-known sports personality, fell and suffered what appeared to be a minor head injury. Unfortunately, his condition deteriorated rapidly, and he passed away shortly thereafter. This heartbreaking event serves as another poignant example of the potential severity of head injuries.

The Deceptive Nature of Head Injuries

What both of these cases bring to light is the deceptive nature of head injuries. While some head injuries may manifest with immediate and visible symptoms, others may not. It is essential to recognize that the brain is a delicate organ, and any trauma to the head can result in internal damage that may not be immediately apparent.

Seeking Immediate Medical Attention

In the wake of these tragic incidents, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of seeking immediate medical attention after any head injury, no matter how minor it may seem. Medical professionals are trained to assess the severity of head trauma and can conduct necessary tests to rule out any underlying issues. Early diagnosis and treatment can make a significant difference in the outcome of head injuries.

The tragic passing of Bob Saget and Frank Wycheck following what initially appeared to be minor head injuries highlights the critical importance of taking head trauma seriously. These events underscore the need for increased awareness and vigilance when it comes to head injuries, as well as the importance of seeking immediate medical attention to ensure the best possible outcome.

Head injuries should never be dismissed or underestimated. The fragility of the brain and the potential long-term consequences of head trauma underscore the importance of seeking immediate medical attention when a head injury occurs, no matter how minor it may seem. Recognizing the signs, obtaining a proper diagnosis, and following medical advice are critical steps in ensuring the best possible outcome for individuals who have suffered a head injury. Your health and well-being should always be the top priority, and addressing head injuries with the seriousness they deserve is paramount.

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In light of recent events highlighting the seriousness of head injuries, remember that your health and well-being should always come first. If you or a loved one has experienced a head injury, don’t hesitate to seek medical attention immediately. Additionally, if you believe negligence played a role in the injury, contact our Antioch personal injury lawyer at Robert Edens, P.C. at 847-395-2200 for your free accident consultation. Your well-being matters and our experienced team is here to help you navigate the legal aspects and seek the justice you deserve.

How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Get You More Money

personal injury

Personal injury law in Illinois were created to provide relief to individuals who have been harmed due to the negligence or wrongful actions of others. This area of law encompasses a wide array of incidents, each with its unique complexities and legal nuances. Personal injury claims can arise from various scenarios, ranging from automobile accidents to workplace injuries, each governed by specific statutes and common law principles.

For instance, car accidents, one of the most common sources of personal injury claims, often involve intricate issues related to negligence, insurance coverage, and liability determination. Similarly, medical malpractice cases require an understanding of both legal and medical standards, while workplace injuries might intersect with workers’ compensation laws.

The nature of personal injury law in Illinois underscores the importance of seeking competent legal representation. Each case presents its distinct set of facts and legal challenges, demanding an in-depth understanding of both the law and the practical aspects of handling a claim.

Personal injury lawyers are not just legal representatives; they are advocates who provide strategic guidance through the complex maze of litigation, negotiations, and potential settlements. Their role becomes crucial in ensuring that the victim’s rights are protected and that they receive fair compensation for their losses and suffering. Furthermore, legal representation can be a decisive factor in leveling the playing field, especially when dealing with well-resourced insurance companies and defendants.

A 1999 study by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) revealed that clients with attorney representation typically receive insurance payouts that are 3.5 times greater than those who don’t have an attorney. The study also found that “settlements are 40% higher when you hire an attorney” and “insurance company payouts are, on average, 3.5 times higher for clients who have hired an attorney.”

Furthermore, a study by a reputable online legal resource discovered that personal injury victims employing a lawyer averaged $77,600 in compensation, in stark contrast to the $17,600 average compensation for those who managed their claims independently.

This information clearly indicates that securing a lawyer leads to significantly higher financial recoveries in personal injury cases.

The Experience of Illinois Personal Injury Lawyers

The experience of Illinois personal injury lawyers is a critical component in the pursuit of a successful damages claim. These professionals come equipped with a robust understanding of state-specific laws and regulations, which is vital given the variations in personal injury law across different jurisdictions.

Illinois, for instance, has unique statutes regarding negligence, liability, and compensation, which can significantly influence the outcome of a claim. Personal injury lawyers in Illinois are not only well-versed in these legal intricacies but also stay abreast of any changes or updates in the legal landscape, ensuring that their clients receive the most current and effective legal advice.

Qualifications and experience play a pivotal role in the capabilities of these attorneys. Most personal injury lawyers in Illinois have spent years honing their skills in negotiation, litigation, and claim evaluation. This experience is invaluable in accurately assessing the merits of a case, estimating the potential compensation, and devising effective legal strategies. Their familiarity with the workings of the Illinois judicial system, including jury tendencies and judge preferences, can be leveraged to the client’s advantage.

The true measure of a lawyer’s expertise, however, lies in how they apply their knowledge and experience to the specific nuances of each case. This involves a detailed evaluation of the claim, considering factors such as the extent of the injury, the impact on the victim’s life, and the circumstances leading to the incident. By doing so, Illinois personal injury lawyers can craft a compelling argument for higher compensation, addressing both tangible and intangible damages.

Their strategic approach will often include:

  • Gathering and presenting evidence in a manner that maximizes the claim’s value.
  • Negotiating assertively with insurance companies and, when necessary.
  • Presenting a strong case in court.

This specialized expertise is a key factor in why victims with legal representation often secure more substantial compensation compared to those who navigate the process alone.

Navigating the Car Accident Claims Process

Navigating the legal process of a personal injury claim in Illinois can be a daunting task for those unfamiliar with the intricacies of the law. The process typically begins with the crucial step of filing a claim, which involves more than just submitting paperwork. It requires a thorough understanding of the statute of limitations in Illinois, which dictates the timeframe within which a lawsuit must be filed. Failure to adhere to these time constraints can result in the forfeiture of the right to seek compensation.

Once the claim is initiated, Illinois personal injury lawyers deploy a range of legal strategies to strengthen the case. Key among these is the meticulous gathering of evidence, which may include accident reports, medical records, witness statements, and photographic or video evidence. This evidence forms the backbone of the claim, providing concrete proof of negligence and the extent of injuries sustained.

Additionally, attorneys often turn to expert testimonies – from medical professionals to accident reconstruction specialists – to provide an authoritative perspective on the case. These experts can offer invaluable insights into the nature of the injuries, the probable cause of the incident, and the long-term impacts on the victim’s life.

Representation in court and negotiations with insurance companies are other critical aspects where attorneys play a vital role. Skilled personal injury lawyers are adept at navigating the court system and advocating effectively for their clients’ rights and interests. In many cases, however, settlements are reached outside the courtroom. Here, attorneys’ negotiation skills come to the fore, often resulting in more favorable outcomes for their clients. These negotiations require a delicate balance of aggressive advocacy and strategic compromise, ensuring that the victim’s best interests are always the priority.

Maximizing Compensation

Maximizing compensation in a personal injury claim is a nuanced process that extends beyond just tabulating medical bills. Illinois personal injury lawyers are proficient in assessing and quantifying both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include tangible losses such as medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs. Non-economic damages, on the other hand, are more subjective and encompass pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Lawyers employ various techniques to negotiate higher settlements. They prepare a detailed quantification of all damages, often employing financial experts to project future costs and the long-term financial impact of the injury. Moreover, by constructing a compelling narrative around the victim’s suffering and the impact on their daily life, lawyers can advocate for higher compensation for non-economic damages.

There are numerous examples where the involvement of a lawyer has significantly increased compensation amounts. In cases involving severe or long-term disabilities, for instance, attorneys have successfully argued for settlements that cover not just immediate medical expenses but also ongoing care, alterations to living spaces, and loss of future earning capacity. Such outcomes are a testament to the value added by experienced legal representation in personal injury cases.

The Value of Professional Legal Assistance

The benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer in Illinois are manifold and significant. These professionals bring a depth of knowledge and experience that is critical in navigating the complex landscape of personal injury law. Their expertise in legal procedure, evidence gathering, and negotiations is invaluable in effectively representing a client’s interests. Moreover, their ability to assess and argue for maximum compensation can make a substantial difference in the outcome of a claim.

Victims of personal injury in Illinois are strongly encouraged to seek legal counsel. Doing so not only increases the likelihood of receiving fair and adequate compensation but also provides the support and guidance necessary during what can be a challenging and stressful time. The impact of professional legal representation on the outcome of a damages claim cannot be overstated. In the hands of a skilled personal injury lawyer, a claim is not just a legal process but a pathway to justice and financial stability for the victim and their family.

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How To Prove Liability In Accidents With No Witnesses

car accident

Who pays for damages in an accident depends on who was at fault. But what happens in a Cook County accident if there are no witnesses? Keep reading to learn how to prove liability in an accident in this situation, then talk to our Cook County personal injury lawyers for legal assistance.

Proving Fault In An Accident

If you are hurt in an accident and someone else caused it, you must show evidence for the person or insurance company to pay for it. While witnesses are essential to prove fault in many types of accidents, it is still possible to establish the case if there were no witnesses.

If you have witnesses to the accident, this is helpful; it is usually easier to prove the other person was at fault if a neutral party backs your story. For example, if you are rear-ended in a Cook County car accident near Sears Tower, it helps if a pedestrian supports your version of events.

However, only some accidents have witnesses, so what then? If it was a car accident and no one else saw it, you can still do things to prove the accident was the other person’s fault. For example, you should pull out your cell phone and take photos and video of the accident scene. Take pictures of the vehicles’ positions on the road and any accident damage, debris, or tire marks on the pavement.

Next, the police will come to the scene and take a report. If the police report suggests that the other party caused the incident, this also could prove liability. However, the police could move damaged vehicles from the road, so taking photos is essential in this case. This is particularly true if there were no witnesses.

Working early in the case with a Cook County personal injury attorney is also essential to help you gather other evidence. For example, there could be camera footage available that you cannot access without an attorney’s assistance. This footage may support your version of events without accident witnesses.

Illinois Personal Injury Laws

An essential component of Illinois personal injury laws is the comparative negligence rule. This means you may be able to obtain compensation for your losses if you were partially liable for the accident. However, the modified comparative negligence law means that you cannot receive compensation are less than 50% responsible for the accident.

Also, obtaining evidence quickly when there are no witnesses is essential. In Illinois, you have only two years from the accident date to file a claim or lawsuit. Only by following the statute of limitations for an injury case can you obtain compensation for pain and suffering, lost earnings, and medical bills. So, promptly speak to a Cook County personal injury attorney to initiate a claim.

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Illinois Back Injury Settlement Calculator

Illinois back injury settlement calculator

After a car accident, you could be overwhelmed with pain from a back injury. How will you work and pay for your medical bills and other expenses when you can hardly move? If the accident was someone else’s fault, you could receive compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Our McHenry County personal injury lawyers at The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C., can help.

How A Back Injury Settlement Calculator Works

If you want to file a claim for your back injury, it helps to have a rough idea of what the case is worth. That is where a back injury settlement calculator comes into the picture. Most insurance companies use a settlement calculator to determine what they will offer an injury victim. The software that powers the calculator varies by the insurance company, but it will usually consider the following factors when deciding what to provide for your injuries:

  • Your medical bills and future treatments
  • Level of pain and suffering
  • How much property damage there is
  • Lost wages in the past and future
  • How the injury affects your lifestyle

Some personal injury calculators rely on a multiplier method to determine pain and suffering compensation. This method multiplies your medical bills and lost earnings by a number between 1 and 5 to arrive at a pain and suffering figure. However, for severe injuries with long-term or permanent consequences, the calculator may go up to 6 or even 10.

Settlement Calculators Do Not Tell The Entire Picture

A back injury settlement calculator is a helpful, convenient way to understand what a claim is worth and what your McHenry County personal injury attorney might seek in a settlement. However, a settlement calculator may only sometimes be accurate. Some insurance company calculators underestimate pain and suffering, which can be considerable with a back injury. Some factors that will influence how much you get in your settlement include:

How Severe Your Injuries Are

With a back injury, you would receive less compensation if the damage is a muscle strain that heals after a month. However, if you have a slipped or ruptured disc that requires surgery and rehabilitation, you would receive considerably more money for medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

How Many Medical Expenses You Have

Clearly, you will have a larger settlement if you have more medical expenses with a severe back injury. You will also receive additional compensation if you need future medical treatments and rehabilitation.

How Long Your Recovery Is

If you have a back injury that requires months of rehabilitation and time off work, you could receive a higher settlement. However, if you return to work in two weeks, you would have a lower settlement.

The bottom line on a back injury settlement calculator is it provides helpful information, but its estimates may only partially value your pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. You need a personal injury attorney to advocate for your rights.

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What Is Talk And Die Syndrome?

talk and die

After a car accident, you may have injuries you are unaware of. For example, did you know you could initially have a brain injury with few symptoms? This injury is sometimes referred to as ‘talk and die’ syndrome. Learn more about this condition in this article, and talk to our Cook County personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C., if you have legal questions.

Talk And Die Syndrome Overview

Talk and Die Syndrome can occur when a car accident victim has head trauma but does not get immediate medical attention. The person may feel fine and acts normally, but the untreated head injury may lead to brain damage and sometimes death.

While some may consider Talk and Die Syndrome an Internet myth, the condition is real but relatively uncommon. However, the condition stresses how serious many head injuries can be even if you feel fine after the incident. Unfortunately, the life-threatening effects of some traumatic brain injuries (TBI), closed head injuries, and concussions may not be evident to you right away. No matter how minor you think the trauma to your head was, it should be taken seriously.

Who Was Natasha Richardson?

One of the most famous examples of Talk and Die Syndrome was actress Natasha Richardson, who died from a head injury in 2009. The actress was skiing on a slight slope with her child when she fell and struck her head. After the accident, she spoke to others, laughed, and did not get medical attention. A few hours later, she went to the hospital because she had a headache. There, she lapsed into a coma and died. The autopsy showed that she had an epidural hematoma.

An epidural hematoma can happen from blunt force trauma, such as a slip and fall or a car accident. It causes bleeding in the brain that may not produce symptoms immediately. Instead, blood may slowly accumulate in the narrow space between the skull and brain, eventually leading to neuroglial damage and sometimes death.

The impact that Ms. Richardson experienced on the ski slope was less than what many people have in minor car accidents. So, remember that even a ‘minor’ car accident can  cause serious injuries, including to the brain.

Always Get Medical Attention After An Accident

Talk and Die Syndrome, while rare, illustrates the importance of seeing a doctor after a car accident. Even if you believe you are uninjured, you could have a severe injury you initially overlooked. Going to the doctor to be reviewed can be the difference between a full recovery and dying from a preventable injury.

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How Regular Maintenance Can Help Prevent Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents happen all the time. Unfortunately, some of them cannot be prevented when a driver is negligent, but other accidents are preventable with proper bicycle maintenance. Learn below about how to prevent bike accidents with maintenance. In addition, if you are hurt in a bicycle accident caused by someone else, our Palatine bicycle accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C., may be able to help.

Check The Tires

One of the most neglected aspects of bicycles is the tires. While many bicycle road tires can last for months or years, it is essential to inspect them regularly and replace them as needed. The rear tire gets considerable wear because of weight and drive force. It is not merely overuse that wears out bike tires; age breaks them down, too. So even if you still have a lot of tread on that three-year-old tire, it may be about to fail because of age. Any biker knows that a tire failing during a ride can lead to a crash and severe injury. It can be very serious if you fly down a hill at 20 or 30 MPH. So, check your tires before every ride and replace them if worn.

Check The Chain

You could fall if the chain breaks, locks up, or falls off while riding. This can be a severe problem when riding down a hill or navigating in traffic. Therefore, before each ride, you should check your chain for signs of rust, looseness, and weak links.

Take A Look At Your Safety Gear

Sometimes accidents cannot be avoided. When they happen, your helmet could save your life. Unfortunately, many accidents happen so fast that you do not have time to protect your head. You should replace your biking helmet every few years. Also, if you are in an accident and the helmet hits anything, replace it immediately. If it is an older helmet, ensure that it is ANSI or DOT-approved and meets modern safety guidelines. Also, see if your knee and elbow pads are worn. Remember, your safety gear is no good if it is old and worn.

Align The Handlebars

Properly aligning the handlebars can assist with keeping control of the bike, especially during evasive maneuvers. Also, make sure the handlebars are adjusted correctly for your height.

Tighten The Saddle

You may have tightened the saddle last year. But if you ride enough, it can loosen. So the last thing you need is the seat to get loose while you ride. Remembering these basic safety and maintenance steps before every ride can prevent a crash. However, if a driver hits you and they are at fault, you should talk to a Palatine bike accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Speak To A Palatine Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

Were you injured in a bicycle accident in Palatine because of someone’s negligence? Whether the accident happened near Falcon Park Recreation Center or the Cutting Hall Performing Arts Center, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. The Palatine bicycle accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C., are ready to help you. Please contact us at (847) 395-2200 today. Our attorneys serve Palatine, Chicago, Waukegan, Libertyville, and Woodstock.

What You Need To Know About Electric Scooter Laws In Illinois

Do you enjoy riding your electric scooter or moped on Michigan Avenue or Lake Shore Drive in Chicago? Electric scooters and mopeds are popular in the Windy City and the surrounding area. They are lightweight, small, quick, and easy to ride. If you are in an accident on an electric scooter, talk to Waukegan motorcycle accident lawyers at Robert T Edens, P.C.

Illinois Electric Scooter And Moped Laws

Electric scooters and moped riders must have a Class M or L license in Illinois to ride legally. To get this license, you can obtain your motorcycle learner’s permit. In addition, you need to have finished a driver education program, and be taking a motorcycle training course. Several motorcycle training courses are available in Illinois:


This fundamental motorcycle course teaches basic riding skills in the classroom. Those who are at least 16 and have their learner’s permit get eight hours in the classroom and 12 on the bike. When you complete this course successfully, you might waive the written examination. You also may be eligible for an insurance discount.


This is a 9.5-hour class that includes motorcycle riding skills and ways to avoid accidents. You can usually waive the on-cycle examination and the written examination.

Basic Plus

Riders who take the basic and intermediate classes may benefit from this additional 8.5-hour class. However, you must already have your Class M or L license.


There are two courses that are 8.5 hours long that concentrate on advanced riding skills, including braking and how to watch for other bikers and scooter riders on the road. Your learners’ permit is valid for 18 months if you are over 18. It is valid for 24 months if you are under 18. Also, if you are over 18, you can bring your driver’s license to the DMV and take the written, motorcycle, and vision tests. If you have taken the appropriate training courses, you might be able to waive one or more of the tests.

Electric Scooter And Motorcycle Laws In Chicago

According to Illinois law, an electric scooter or moped is a motorcycle. However, if the scooter or moped has a 50cc or smaller motor, with a top speed of 30 MPH, it is more than a bicycle, legally. You do not need an Illinois driver’s license to ride one of these. However, the scooter or moped must have an automatic transmission. But if the e-scooter or moped is larger than 50cc, you must have a Class M or L driver’s license. The vehicle must be licensed, insured, and registered. Also, if you ride in Chicago, you need to have a registration sticker that costs $50.

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Don’t Let Illinois Statutes Of Limitations Destroy Your Personal Injury Claim

If you were in an accident in Illinois, you can sue for your losses. It is important to act quickly in Illinois because there is only a limited time to file a claim. Learn about the Illinois statute of limitations for personal injury claims. Then talk to our personal injury lawyers in Woodstock for a free consultation.

The Illinois Statute Of Limitations Is Two Years

The statute of limitations in Illinois for personal injury claims is two years. This means that you have only two years from the date of the injury to file a claim. Therefore, you should hire an attorney quickly after the accident to ensure they have plenty of time to investigate your claim. Also, if you have a medical malpractice claim, the statute of limitations ‘clock’ starts on the date of the injury or when you become aware of it. However, if the victim of the injury was a child, The statute of limitations runs for eight years from the date of the injury. Therefore, you must file a personal injury claim no later than the person’s 22nd birthday. The judge may dismiss your case if the claim is filed after the child’s 22nd birthday.

Why Only Two Years?

Why is there a statute of limitations to file a personal injury lawsuit in Illinois? It is more challenging to prove your injuries in court. Evidence may disappear, and witnesses may die or move away. Also, people may lose or throw away essential documents and records to prove liability. Your attorney will attempt to prove your injury claim in court with the most compelling evidence possible. The longer the time between the injurious act and the start of the suit, evidence could melt away. Also, a two-year statute of limitations allows the defendant to move on with their lives without being afraid of a lawsuit years from now. Illinois state law requires you to file your claim in a reasonable period of time from the date of injury.

What Is The Discovery Rule?

There are injury cases in Illinois where the plaintiff did not know they were injured for years after the incident. This is where the ‘discovery rule’ comes into play. You may have more time to file a claim if you only discovered your injury after the statute of limitations expired. However, it is still important to file the claim as soon as possible because the discovery rule has a limited scope.

Contact Personal Injury Lawyers In Woodstock

Were you hurt in an accident recently caused by someone’s negligence? You could be entitled to compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. However, it is vital to contact personal injury attorneys in Woodstock before the statute of limitations expires. The personal injury attorneys at Robert T. Edens, P.C. can help you get maximum compensation for your personal injury claim now. Contact our Woodstock personal injury lawyers today at (847) 395-2200. Our attorneys also serve the communities of Chicago, Waukegan, Libertyville, and Woodstock.

With Workers’ Compensation Claims The Doctor Makes A Difference

Getting reasonable medical care is one of the essential aspects when you are injured in a workplace accident. That is why your doctor’s opinion is important in your claim. If you have questions about a claim, a Grayslake workers’ compensation attorney can assist you.

Why Is Your Treating Physician So Important?

The treating doctor for your workers’ compensation case carries tremendous weight during the claim. Unlike a medical professional who only looks you over once, the treating physician for your claim checks your injury recovery over time. This gives the treating physician a better grasp of your injuries, future treatments, and how likely you will fully recover. As a result, your physician will make several decisions during the claim:

Diagnosing And Treating The Injury

For you to receive workers’ compensation, you need a full diagnosis from the treating physician. Your doctor will also supervise the medical care for your injuries. For example, he will decide if you should have physical therapy or pain medications.

Referring You To Medical Specialists

The treating physician must usually sign off on referrals to specialists. For instance, he will need to approve a back surgeon for your back injuries is evaluating you. In addition, the treating physician plays a critical role by listening to you and advocating for necessary future treatments. Without this important information, you may not receive essential medical treatments.

Offering Evidence For The Claim

At every doctor’s appointment, your doctor will write medical records that provide evidence for the case. Therefore, it is vital that your doctor carefully document your injuries and treatments. Also, how he monitors your recovery will ensure the claims process is smooth. The doctor probably will need to provide sworn testimony about your claim, too. During a court hearing, your doctor’s opinion carries a great deal of weight.

Determining Level Of Disability

After you get to your maximum medical improvement, the doctor will determine if you have partial or total disabilities. His conclusions are critical for determining what your permanent benefits might be.

Determining Your Ability To Work

The doctor will decide how long you should be off work and receive payments. This gives you a chance for a full recovery and to receive wages. The doctor also will decide when it is safe for you to return to work. If you go to work too soon or do not have proper restrictions, you could exacerbate your injuries.

Contact Our Grayslake Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

Being hurt in a workplace accident is upsetting and stressful. You cannot work or pay bills, so how will you get on with your life? Fortunately, a Grayslake workers’ compensation attorney can get you money for your medical bills and lost earnings. These funds may be vital to your recovery. The Grayslake workers’ compensation attorneys at Robert T. Edens, P.C. can help you get you as much money as possible for your claim. Contact us today at (847) 395-2200. Our attorneys also serve the communities of Chicago, Waukegan, Libertyville, and Woodstock.

Why Insurance Companies Don’t Like Paying Workers’ Comp Claims

You might want to file a workers’ comp claim if you were hurt at work. Unfortunately, many employers will fight a legitimate Illinois Workers Comp claim because they think a claim could increase their premiums. They also may want to prevent other workers from filing claims. Antioch workers’ comp lawyer can help you.

Companies Want To Reduce Insurance Premiums

Employers must pay an insurance company for workers’ comp coverage. Premiums are partially based on what the insurance company pays in claims. The claim costs could increase insurance premiums if you are out of work for three months and need two surgeries for a broken leg. Your employer may contest the claim. Further, if several employees file a claim quickly, insurance premiums may skyrocket. The employer might think that if they fight your claim, other workers will also think twice about filing.

Companies Want To Safeguard Their Reputations

The employer might fight your Antioch workers’ compensation claim because they fear the damage to their business reputation. If you suffered a severe injury or a permanent disability because of hazardous job conditions, this could damage the company’s reputation. If it is a public company, it could damage its stock value. As a result, company executives may tell their managers to deny workers’ comp claims as much as possible.

How Will A Company Fight A Workers’ Comp Claim?

The most common way they fight workers’ comp claims is by saying you are not hurt. Employers are often suspicious of claims that involve repetitive motion injuries. For example, if you have to lift tires every day at the auto shop and claim you have a back injury, the insurance company might argue your pain is minor. Some injuries that cause debilitating pain might not be evident on diagnostic tests. However, the pain and suffering you have are real. Another way the employer may fight your claim is by saying you were not acting within your job description when the accident happened. For example, if you work in a warehouse and were hurt on a forklift you do not usually use, they may say you were working outside the scope of your employment. Or, you were driving as part of your job by the Chicago Art Museum and Navy Pier when you were hurt in a car accident. Your employer might say you were not working when the crash happened. If you file a workers’ comp claim, there is a good chance your employer will contest the claim. Your employer’s primary interest is reducing expenses, including insurance costs. That is why hiring a skilled workers’ comp lawyer to represent you and fight for your rights is essential.

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