How Regular Maintenance Can Help Prevent Bicycle Accidents

How Regular Maintenance Can Help Prevent Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents happen all the time. Unfortunately, some of them cannot be prevented when a driver is negligent, but other accidents are preventable with proper bicycle maintenance. Learn below about how to prevent bike accidents with maintenance. In addition, if you are hurt in a bicycle accident caused by someone else, our Palatine bicycle accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C., may be able to help.

Check The Tires

One of the most neglected aspects of bicycles is the tires. While many bicycle road tires can last for months or years, it is essential to inspect them regularly and replace them as needed. The rear tire gets considerable wear because of weight and drive force. It is not merely overuse that wears out bike tires; age breaks them down, too. So even if you still have a lot of tread on that three-year-old tire, it may be about to fail because of age. Any biker knows that a tire failing during a ride can lead to a crash and severe injury. It can be very serious if you fly down a hill at 20 or 30 MPH. So, check your tires before every ride and replace them if worn.

Check The Chain

You could fall if the chain breaks, locks up, or falls off while riding. This can be a severe problem when riding down a hill or navigating in traffic. Therefore, before each ride, you should check your chain for signs of rust, looseness, and weak links.

Take A Look At Your Safety Gear

Sometimes accidents cannot be avoided. When they happen, your helmet could save your life. Unfortunately, many accidents happen so fast that you do not have time to protect your head. You should replace your biking helmet every few years. Also, if you are in an accident and the helmet hits anything, replace it immediately. If it is an older helmet, ensure that it is ANSI or DOT-approved and meets modern safety guidelines. Also, see if your knee and elbow pads are worn. Remember, your safety gear is no good if it is old and worn.

Align The Handlebars

Properly aligning the handlebars can assist with keeping control of the bike, especially during evasive maneuvers. Also, make sure the handlebars are adjusted correctly for your height.

Tighten The Saddle

You may have tightened the saddle last year. But if you ride enough, it can loosen. So the last thing you need is the seat to get loose while you ride. Remembering these basic safety and maintenance steps before every ride can prevent a crash. However, if a driver hits you and they are at fault, you should talk to a Palatine bike accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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