What You Need To Know About Electric Scooter Laws In Illinois

What You Need To Know About Electric Scooter Laws In Illinois

Do you enjoy riding your electric scooter or moped on Michigan Avenue or Lake Shore Drive in Chicago? Electric scooters and mopeds are popular in the Windy City and the surrounding area. They are lightweight, small, quick, and easy to ride. If you are in an accident on an electric scooter, talk to Waukegan motorcycle accident lawyers at Robert T Edens, P.C.

Illinois Electric Scooter And Moped Laws

Electric scooters and moped riders must have a Class M or L license in Illinois to ride legally. To get this license, you can obtain your motorcycle learner’s permit. In addition, you need to have finished a driver education program, and be taking a motorcycle training course. Several motorcycle training courses are available in Illinois:


This fundamental motorcycle course teaches basic riding skills in the classroom. Those who are at least 16 and have their learner’s permit get eight hours in the classroom and 12 on the bike. When you complete this course successfully, you might waive the written examination. You also may be eligible for an insurance discount.


This is a 9.5-hour class that includes motorcycle riding skills and ways to avoid accidents. You can usually waive the on-cycle examination and the written examination.

Basic Plus

Riders who take the basic and intermediate classes may benefit from this additional 8.5-hour class. However, you must already have your Class M or L license.


There are two courses that are 8.5 hours long that concentrate on advanced riding skills, including braking and how to watch for other bikers and scooter riders on the road. Your learners’ permit is valid for 18 months if you are over 18. It is valid for 24 months if you are under 18. Also, if you are over 18, you can bring your driver’s license to the DMV and take the written, motorcycle, and vision tests. If you have taken the appropriate training courses, you might be able to waive one or more of the tests.

Electric Scooter And Motorcycle Laws In Chicago

According to Illinois law, an electric scooter or moped is a motorcycle. However, if the scooter or moped has a 50cc or smaller motor, with a top speed of 30 MPH, it is more than a bicycle, legally. You do not need an Illinois driver’s license to ride one of these. However, the scooter or moped must have an automatic transmission. But if the e-scooter or moped is larger than 50cc, you must have a Class M or L driver’s license. The vehicle must be licensed, insured, and registered. Also, if you ride in Chicago, you need to have a registration sticker that costs $50.

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