Ice Fishing Safety Tips For Illinois

Ice Fishing Safety Tips For Illinois

Ice fishing can turn dangerous in a matter of moments. As per the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, anyone who wants to fish on ice should take all precautions to prevent deadly or fatal accidents. It can save your life.

Top X Ice Fishing Tips That Can Save Your Life

Whether you are going ice fishing at the start or middle of winter, follow these safety tips to prevent a fatal incident:

1. Share Your Plans with Family or Friends

Before heading out, make sure your family or friends know you are going ice fishing and your location. This includes the lake’s name, the fishing spot’s location, and when they can expect you back home. If you don’t return on time, this information can help rescue and emergency services to locate you.

2. Bring a Friend Along

NEVER go alone on an ice fishing trip. A friend or fishing partner can give you support you don’t realize you need. This includes an extra pair of hands in case you reel a large fish that may otherwise pull you under. They can also help you stay focused and alert authorities if you are injured or suffering from hypothermia.

3. Don’t Forget Your Fishing Spikes

Ice fishing spikes are two sharp objects that are connected by rope. If you fall into a hole in the ice or a frozen lake gives way beneath you, these will prevent you from sinking. Use them to punch a hole in the ice if you cannot find the hole you fell into. Follow the instructions in this video if you don’t have these spikes with you and fall in.

4. Examine the Ice Beforehand

A thin layer of ice is the only thing keeping you from the freezing water underneath your boots. So before you walk out onto the frozen water, check the ice’s thickness. There will be thin patches that look solid to the eye, so a cursory glance is not a good idea. Clear blue ice is robust, while white or honeycombed ice is typically fragile. Don’t go ice fishing if it snowed the night before. The snow will place additional pressure on the ice and insulate it, weakening the surface.

5. Dress in Layers

A puffy fishing jacket will not be able to keep the cold at bay, especially if the temperature drops significantly. Dress in multiple warm layers before heading out. This includes thermal underwear and bibs that can trap body heat. Protect your neck, head, and face with a thick scarf and wear boots and gloves designed to ward off the cold. Have you lost a loved one to the cold because of another’s negligence on a fishing trip? An Illinois wrongful death lawyer can help you acquire damages and peace.

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