With Workers’ Compensation Claims The Doctor Makes A Difference

With Workers’ Compensation Claims The Doctor Makes A Difference

Getting reasonable medical care is one of the essential aspects when you are injured in a workplace accident. That is why your doctor’s opinion is important in your claim. If you have questions about a claim, a Grayslake workers’ compensation attorney can assist you.

Why Is Your Treating Physician So Important?

The treating doctor for your workers’ compensation case carries tremendous weight during the claim. Unlike a medical professional who only looks you over once, the treating physician for your claim checks your injury recovery over time. This gives the treating physician a better grasp of your injuries, future treatments, and how likely you will fully recover. As a result, your physician will make several decisions during the claim:

Diagnosing And Treating The Injury

For you to receive workers’ compensation, you need a full diagnosis from the treating physician. Your doctor will also supervise the medical care for your injuries. For example, he will decide if you should have physical therapy or pain medications.

Referring You To Medical Specialists

The treating physician must usually sign off on referrals to specialists. For instance, he will need to approve a back surgeon for your back injuries is evaluating you. In addition, the treating physician plays a critical role by listening to you and advocating for necessary future treatments. Without this important information, you may not receive essential medical treatments.

Offering Evidence For The Claim

At every doctor’s appointment, your doctor will write medical records that provide evidence for the case. Therefore, it is vital that your doctor carefully document your injuries and treatments. Also, how he monitors your recovery will ensure the claims process is smooth. The doctor probably will need to provide sworn testimony about your claim, too. During a court hearing, your doctor’s opinion carries a great deal of weight.

Determining Level Of Disability

After you get to your maximum medical improvement, the doctor will determine if you have partial or total disabilities. His conclusions are critical for determining what your permanent benefits might be.

Determining Your Ability To Work

The doctor will decide how long you should be off work and receive payments. This gives you a chance for a full recovery and to receive wages. The doctor also will decide when it is safe for you to return to work. If you go to work too soon or do not have proper restrictions, you could exacerbate your injuries.

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