Why Insurance Companies Don’t Like Paying Workers’ Comp Claims

Why Insurance Companies Don’t Like Paying Workers’ Comp Claims

You might want to file a workers’ comp claim if you were hurt at work. Unfortunately, many employers will fight a legitimate Illinois Workers Comp claim because they think a claim could increase their premiums. They also may want to prevent other workers from filing claims. Antioch workers’ comp lawyer can help you.

Companies Want To Reduce Insurance Premiums

Employers must pay an insurance company for workers’ comp coverage. Premiums are partially based on what the insurance company pays in claims. The claim costs could increase insurance premiums if you are out of work for three months and need two surgeries for a broken leg. Your employer may contest the claim. Further, if several employees file a claim quickly, insurance premiums may skyrocket. The employer might think that if they fight your claim, other workers will also think twice about filing.

Companies Want To Safeguard Their Reputations

The employer might fight your Antioch workers’ compensation claim because they fear the damage to their business reputation. If you suffered a severe injury or a permanent disability because of hazardous job conditions, this could damage the company’s reputation. If it is a public company, it could damage its stock value. As a result, company executives may tell their managers to deny workers’ comp claims as much as possible.

How Will A Company Fight A Workers’ Comp Claim?

The most common way they fight workers’ comp claims is by saying you are not hurt. Employers are often suspicious of claims that involve repetitive motion injuries. For example, if you have to lift tires every day at the auto shop and claim you have a back injury, the insurance company might argue your pain is minor. Some injuries that cause debilitating pain might not be evident on diagnostic tests. However, the pain and suffering you have are real. Another way the employer may fight your claim is by saying you were not acting within your job description when the accident happened. For example, if you work in a warehouse and were hurt on a forklift you do not usually use, they may say you were working outside the scope of your employment. Or, you were driving as part of your job by the Chicago Art Museum and Navy Pier when you were hurt in a car accident. Your employer might say you were not working when the crash happened. If you file a workers’ comp claim, there is a good chance your employer will contest the claim. Your employer’s primary interest is reducing expenses, including insurance costs. That is why hiring a skilled workers’ comp lawyer to represent you and fight for your rights is essential.

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