Do Workers’ Compensation Doctors Lie?

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Insurance carriers are highly experienced in reducing workers’ compensation injuries, so they can either deny a claim or pay less. One of the tools they can use to discredit claimants is medical providers who can give biased opinions to minimize injuries. These physicians are known as ‘independent medical examiners’, and they categorically deny giving false… Read more »

What Is The Average Payout For Workers’ Compensation In Illinois?

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A work injury, or even an occupational disease, can disrupt your life, health, finances, and overall wellbeing for years. Workers’ compensation is an insurance system designed to compensate you for these losses if you are injured in a workplace accident. The benefits or payout you receive will depend on your existing condition and wages before… Read more »

What Is An IME And Do I Have To Go?

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According to the Illinois worker’s compensation law, insurance companies have the right to send you to a doctor of their choice for a one-time exam. This is called an independent medical examination (IME) and participation is mandatory. If you fail to go, your benefits can be suspended. This includes medical care, physical therapy, prescription pain… Read more »

How to Avoid an Overexertion Injury

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There are many different ways a worker can injure themselves on the job. These include falls, impacts with falling or flying objects, being pinned between objects, and vehicle accidents. Sometimes, injuries can also occur through repetitive motions, such as lifting or pulling heavy objects. When this occurs, the worker suffers what is known as an… Read more »