Do Workers’ Compensation Doctors Lie?

Do Workers’ Compensation Doctors Lie?

Insurance carriers are highly experienced in reducing workers’ compensation injuries, so they can either deny a claim or pay less. One of the tools they can use to discredit claimants is medical providers who can give biased opinions to minimize injuries.

These physicians are known as ‘independent medical examiners’, and they categorically deny giving false statements or information. Some adjust their statements to sound like medical opinions, which an insurance adjuster can use to discredit a claim irrespective of injury severity.

Why do Workers’ Compensation Doctors Lie?

Some of the reasons why your doctor may lie when you visit them for your workers’ comp claim include the following:

They Are Loyal To Their Employers

One of the biggest reasons workers’ comp doctors lie is because they are loyal to their employers. Many are conformists when evaluating workplace injuries because the insurance company hires them. Their job is to give a diagnosis that can reduce the benefits and wage payouts that injured workers are eligible for.

To Dispute Your Claim

The thing is that the insurance company can demand an independent medical exam (IME) even though they are the ones who hire the doctors who conduct them. The exam results can be used to dispute a claim or deny it altogether. In some cases, insurance carriers can also alter the payout you are eligible for. Claimants have to undergo IMEs or risk their case being dismissed, so they have no choice but to give in.

They Are Unqualified and Paid Well

Many workers’ comp doctors are paid exceptionally well by the insurance companies they serve, an incentive they take seriously by reducing claims. Many of them don’t have proper licenses in surgery or any medical specialty. Rather than ordering expensive tests and scans such as CAT and MRI scans that the insurance company doesn’t want to pay for, they prescribe medication instead.

They Value Numbers over Claimant Wellness

The fee for workers’ comp is based on the volume of patients these doctors attend rather than time billed and work quality per case. It is one of the main reasons they may not give you a detailed evaluation or medical exam. If you believe your physician is not being as attentive and thorough as you deserve, take extensive notes during consultations and tests. A Waukegan workers’ compensation attorney can use those notes as evidence to ensure you get the max compensation you need.

Important note: Don’t try to beat them at their own game by exaggerating your symptoms. If a workers’ comp policy covers your injuries, they should make sense to the doctor. Exaggerate them, and they may deny your claim by questioning its veracity.

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