Why You Should Call A Lawyer As Soon As You’re Hurt

Why You Should Call A Lawyer As Soon As You’re Hurt

Every year, 2.7 million accidents at work lead to injuries. For example, suppose you were injured at work when you fell down the stairs. In most cases, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation for work-related accidents in Illinois, even if the incident was your fault.

First, you should report the accident to your employer within 45 days, then speak to our Lake County workers’ compensation attorney at The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C., for legal assistance with your claim.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Overview

Workers’ compensation is insurance that most employers in Illinois must provide if an employee is injured or becomes ill on the job. The insurance covers medical bills, partial lost wages, and treatment and rehabilitation costs.

You can receive workers’ comp for both job-related injuries and illnesses. For instance, if you suffer a lung condition from being exposed to chemicals in a factory, you could receive workers’ comp, just as if you slip and fall in the office kitchen. However, you do not need to prove that the accident was anyone’s fault; you can receive workers’ comp at most employers any time you have a job-related injury or illness.

Why Should You Talk To A Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

If you claim workers’ comp in Illinois, hiring an attorney to represent you is usually recommended. These attorneys are specialized in making workers’ comp claims and can maximize your benefits. Your attorney will do the following:

  • File the workers’ comp claim with your company and the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.
  • Determine how much compensation you should receive and negotiate with the insurance company.
  • Find evidence to make the most robust case to the insurance company.
  • Represent you and your case if the insurance company fights the claim and there is a trial.

Your attorney’s goal is to get you the best compensation; they are not paid unless successful. While you can always claim your own, most injured parties typically benefit from using an attorney. For example, your attorney will ensure that you meet the deadlines to file your claim through your company. They also know how to ensure you get benefits as soon as possible.

Many workers discover that it is harder to get workers’ comp than they thought, and they may be paid less than expected. If you make your claim, you will often be asked how much you are claiming, but that does not mean you will receive that amount.

If negotiations are necessary to get a fair settlement from the insurance company, your attorney can handle that. Workers’ comp attorneys negotiate insurance settlements daily and will do everything possible to get you the most money. After all, they are not paid unless you are and receive more compensation for a larger settlement.

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You might consider handling your workers’ compensation case alone if you were injured at work. However, hiring our Lake County workers’ compensation lawyer to handle your case is usually best to maximize your benefits.

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