Can I Attend School While On Workers’ Comp?

Can I Attend School While On Workers’ Comp?

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act is a no-fault law designed to aid workers in the state by assisting them in their employment. While it can cover your medical bills and other expenses as you recuperate from a work-based injury, please take advantage of it at your own risk. Attending school while you are on the benefits is ill-advised.

Why You Should Not Attend School While On Workers’ Comp

While you can legally attend school while on workers’ comp, Illinois workers’ compensation attorneys will tell you that it is ill-advised. That’s because it can raise questions about the degree of your disability. If you are on light duty status from work, you should look for suitable light tasks. On the other hand, going to school reduces the time you should be using to look for said jobs.

Your choice to attend school while on workers’ comp will raise questions if you are completely disabled because of a severe work injury. How can you attend school but cannot perform sedentary work? The insurance company will take notice and may try to convince your doctor that you should come to work.

What You Can Do

It would help if you waited till your workers’ comp case was resolved and then attended school. If you want to continue your education immediately, talk to your attorney first, as your case can get complicated. Each workers’ comp case is unique since each work injury and job site is distinct. Use your best judgment to decide and pursue daily activities depending on your condition.

As an injured worker, your activities should remain consistent with medical restrictions and your doctor’s advice. For example, restrict activities if you have the following disabilities:

Temporary Total Disability

If you are diagnosed with a temporary total disability, you should avoid recreational activities. However, if you had planned a vacation before getting injured, you may still go on it, provided you take it easy.

If you parasail, surf, mountain climb, or take part in any recreation despite your doctor’s advice, you may lose your claim. Try to schedule appointments around your vacation and consult your Illinois workers’ compensation attorneys beforehand.

Partial Disability

If you are diagnosed with a partial disability, pay attention to doctor recommendations and restrictions. Make sure you get these in writing to prevent misunderstandings. Your attorney can also use them in court to dispute the insurance company’s claims if they try to deny compensation.

Be candid with your doctor. If you exaggerate or downplay your condition, you can compromise your claim. Documentation will show proof of progress and recommended activities proposed by the medical professional.

Important note: Contrary to popular belief, workers’ comp and general liability insurance are different. The latter protects your employer’s interests, and the former protects your interests. Don’t be fooled, or you may miss out on compensation.

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