How Do Workers’ Comp Doctors Get Paid?

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If you or someone you love was hurt in an Illinois workplace accident, you probably are entitled to workers’ compensation for your injuries. Workers’ comp provides part if your weekly wage or salary so you can pay your bills while recovering. Learn more below about Illinois workers’ comp, including how the workers’ compensation doctor is paid. If you have questions, our workers’ comp lawyers in Lake County at the Law Offices of Robert T. Edens can help.

Who Treats Your Workplace Injury?

The first thing to know about your workers’ comp doctor is your right to choose your medical provider. The law in Illinois states that you can select your doctor for medical treatments. This ensures you are treated by a medical professional looking out for your best interests, not your company.

Many injured clients need to realize they can select their own doctor. So, the employer’s doctor or that of the workers’ compensation insurance company sees them. The problem is that the employer or the insurance company pays the doctor. Therefore, the doctor may suggest the injuries are not as severe as they are to save the company money. Patients who are only seen by the company doctor may discover that they do not receive as much in benefits as they thought.

While you can choose your doctor, your employer may request that you undergo an independent medical examination or IME. The company doctor will conduct this exam. If your employer asks for an IME, refer the request to your workers’ comp lawyer in Lake County. They will ensure that the IME is performed in a timeframe that works for you. Also, the doctor’s IME report can be countered by that of your personal physician if questions arise about the severity and the cause of your injuries.

How Doctors Are Paid For Your Treatments

Whoever treats you for your injuries, they will be paid by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider. Therefore, they should be paid promptly for your medical treatments. If there are payment delays, you must alert your workers’ comp attorney as soon as you find out. You do not want unnecessary delays in your medical treatments.

The Two-Doctor Rule

Not only are you allowed to choose your treating physician in a workers’ compensation case. You can switch doctors at any time. The doctor must be in your employer’s Preferred Provider Program (PPP). If the employer is not in a PPP, you can visit any doctor.

When you visit your doctor after the injury, inform them that your injury happened at work and will be handled by workers’ compensation insurance. To handle such claims, the state must approve Doctors in Illinois on a workers’ compensation case.

Speak To Our Workers’ Comp Lawyer In Lake County

Were you injured on the job? You may struggle to pay your medical costs and other bills without a regular paycheck. You could be entitled to compensation in a workers’ compensation claim. Please contact our workers’ comp lawyers in Lake County at The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C. today at (847) 395-2200 for assistance. Our attorneys also serve clients in Palatine, Antioch, Chicago, Waukegan, Libertyville, and Woodstock.

Why You Should Never Accept a Workers’ Comp Settlement Without a Lawyer

You are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if you are bedridden or have astronomical medical bills because of a work-related physical or medical impairment. The last thing you should do is accept the settlement the insurance company offers without argument. If you disagree with the settlement amount, you can:

  • Negotiate a new settlement or,
  • Attend a hearing where a judge will settle your dispute.

In either case, having experienced Antioch workers’ comp lawyers can prove invaluable.

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer Before Settling

Some of the best reasons why you should hire a workers’ comp attorney include the following:

They Can Determine Your Case’s Worth

A workers’ comp attorney can determine your case’s worth, something the insurance company doesn’t want. This includes the number of benefits you should get based on:

  • The extent of your injuries and how they have affected your life.
  • Your previous wages.
  • Past medical expenses along with future medical treatments.
  • If you have a permanent disability, and if yes, its extent.
  • If your employer owes you salary, benefits, and penalties for late payments.

They Can Negotiate The Best Settlement

Antioch workers’ comp lawyers know how to negotiate for the best settlements from insurance companies. Whether you get a low ball or ‘final offer’, they will not back down till you have reached a reasonable settlement. They are also more likely to get into productive negotiations with insurance companies than individuals who act alone.

They Will Ensure Your Settlement Terms Are Clear and Cover Future Expenses

Your attorney will also ensure that the settlement terms are noted down accurately to prevent issues in the future. For instance, if you need to use your disability benefits down the line, a shoddy agreement can cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month. Your attorney can determine a realistic estimate that can cover future medical costs.

The wording in the agreement is quite critical. Hidden clauses and certain agreements can cost you money in the long run. Your attorney can spot potential pitfalls in the agreement and have them rectified or removed.

They Can Fight For You If Your Claim Is Denied

If the insurance company denies your claim, your attorney can fight to get the decision reversed. Whether your claim is denied because of ‘insufficient evidence,’ “inadequate documentation” or because they say your injuries are not work-related, your attorney can help with the appeals process. This includes taking specific steps to strengthen your case and create a better claim.

Even if your case was denied, you could have a strong chance in court with Antioch workers’ comp lawyers in your corner. The insurance company will try and contest your claim. At that point, you need some serious firepower that workers’ comp attorneys can give you.

The bottom line is that the insurance company doesn’t have your best interests are heart, but your attorney does. Relying on a judge without a lawyer representing you is not wise either. Your employer and the insurance company will not think twice before hiring their attorney either.

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