How Are Workers’ Comp Doctors Paid?

How Are Workers’ Comp Doctors Paid?

When you are hurt on the job in Illinois, you are usually entitled to workers’ compensation for your medical bills and partial lost wages. If you have a question about a workers’ comp case, our workers’ comp lawyers in Lake County have fought for workers’ rights for 20 years, so please contact us.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Overview

In Illinois, employers have to provide workers’ compensation for their workers to pay for work-related accidents and injuries. As long as the injury happened at work in Illinois, you do not have to prove fault. So, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation even if you were responsible for the accident at work.

When you are hurt at work in Illinois, you should get medical treatment promptly and report the incident to your employer. You have up to 45 days under the law to give notice, but the sooner, the better. After you miss more than three days of work because of the injury, your company has to provide an accident report to the state.

Workers’ Compensation Claims And Doctors

After an Illinois workplace injury, you may need treatment by a physician for your injuries. The law states that the employee can secure their own doctor at their employer’s expense. The treating physician for your case is an essential part of a successful claim, and in Illinois, you can choose your own doctor. Whoever the treating physician is, their medical opinion will carry significant weight, so it is essential to choose your doctor wisely. Some things that the treating physician will do for a workers’ compensation case are:

Diagnosing And Treating Your Injury

To receive insurance benefits, the doctor must provide a medical diagnosis. This medical professional will direct the medical treatments you receive and determine if you need medications and physical therapy.

Providing Specialist Referrals

If you hurt your back and ruptured a disc, the treating physician could refer you to specialists for the best care. The doctor’s thoroughness and willingness to listen to your complaints and get proper treatments is vital to your recovery.

Determining Work Restrictions

If your injury prevents you from doing your job, the treating physician will determine if you need to take time off and for how long. The medical professional will also decide when you can return to your job.

Who Pays The Doctor In A Workers’ Compensation Case?

After you are injured in Lake County, you may be distressed to see your medical bills piling up. Generally, once you receive workers’ compensation benefits, the employer’s insurance company is responsible for your medical bills, including paying the treating physician for their services. Therefore, if the workers’ compensation insurance company accepts the claim, they should make arrangements to pay your treating physicians.

However, following up with the doctor’s office is usually wise if you get medical bills in the mail. Or, you can alert your workers’ comp attorney to ensure everything is paid for on time.

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