Do Workers’ Compensation Doctors Lie?

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Insurance carriers are highly experienced in reducing workers’ compensation injuries, so they can either deny a claim or pay less. One of the tools they can use to discredit claimants is medical providers who can give biased opinions to minimize injuries. These physicians are known as ‘independent medical examiners’, and they categorically deny giving false… Read more »

What Is The Average Payout For Workers’ Compensation In Illinois?

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A work injury, or even an occupational disease, can disrupt your life, health, finances, and overall wellbeing for years. Workers’ compensation is an insurance system designed to compensate you for these losses if you are injured in a workplace accident. The benefits or payout you receive will depend on your existing condition and wages before… Read more »

What Not To Say To A Worker’s Comp Doctor

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If you have suffered a work-related injury and have filed for worker’s comp, you will need to undergo an independent medical exam with an approved doctor. However, keep in mind that the insurance company pays these doctors. As such, they may try to reduce costs for the insurance company with details you may unknowingly divulge…. Read more »

What is a Wage Differential In Workers’ Compensation?

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Most Illinois workers are aware of essential Workers’ Compensation benefits such as covered medical treatment disability payments. However, there is one other benefit that is essential for their financial security. It’s called ‘wage differential,’ and it can ensure you can go a long way in reducing your stress if you suffer from serious workplace injuries…. Read more »

How To Avoid Common Work-Related Injuries

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Workplace accidents are all too common and can cause major issues, especially for employees. Injured team members can spend months recuperating and lose out on precious job opportunities. While workplace compensation can help them during this difficult time, employers can do their part by reducing common work-related injuries using the tips mentioned below: 1. Ensure Workspaces… Read more »

Workers’ Comp Adjuster Tricks To Be Aware Of

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Workers’ compensation serves as a safety net for employees faced with a work-related injury. It covers their medical bills and rehabilitation costs, and other damages such as lost wages resulting from the injury. They also provide death benefits to dependents of a worker who is killed in a work-related accident. In 2018 alone, around $62.9… Read more »