Why You Should Never Accept a Workers’ Comp Settlement Without a Lawyer

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You are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if you are bedridden or have astronomical medical bills because of a work-related physical or medical impairment. The last thing you should do is accept the settlement the insurance company offers without argument. If you disagree with the settlement amount, you can: Negotiate a new settlement or, Attend… Read more »

Can I Attend School While On Workers’ Comp?

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The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act is a no-fault law designed to aid workers in the state by assisting them in their employment. While it can cover your medical bills and other expenses as you recuperate from a work-based injury, please take advantage of it at your own risk. Attending school while you are on the… Read more »

Are All Employers Required to Carry Workers’ Comp Insurance?

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In Illinois, all employers have to carry workers’ comp insurance if they have at least one part or full-time employee on the payroll. If your employer has denied you insurance after sustaining a workplace injury, you should hire Antioch workers’ comp lawyers as soon as possible. Exemptions to Workers’ Comp Some Illinois employers are exempt… Read more »