Are All Employers Required to Carry Workers’ Comp Insurance?

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In Illinois, all employers have to carry workers’ comp insurance if they have at least one part or full-time employee on the payroll. If your employer has denied you insurance after sustaining a workplace injury, you should hire Antioch workers’ comp lawyers as soon as possible. Exemptions to Workers’ Comp Some Illinois employers are exempt… Read more »

Illinois Worker’s Comp Rules you Need to Know

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Most Illinois employers have to pay their employee worker’s comp insurance. The insurance is designed to compensate employees who get injured on the job by covering their medical expenses. Basic Rules about Illinois Worker’s Compensation In Illinois, employers are required to: Purchase insurance for their employees in the form of worker’s compensation or acquire permission… Read more »

Illinois Worker’s Comp: What Are My Rights?

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According to Illinois law, all employers have to provide their employees with worker’s compensation insurance. It is a system of benefits that comes into effect from the moment a worker is hired. It covers medical costs of job-based injuries and diseases that may otherwise result in significant medical bills employees may not be able to… Read more »