How To Choose A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

How To Choose A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

There are more than 2.6 million non-fatal work injuries across America annually. If it happens to you, you could be forced to take time from work, pay for astronomical medical bills, and deal with significant mental and emotional trauma from what happened. Some workplace injuries could lead to chronic health problems, too. Money cannot solve every problem, but most Illinois workers can qualify for workers’ compensation after a job-related injury that can help get them back on their feet.

If you want the best outcome, you need a skilled workers’ comp lawyer to fight for your health and financial rights. Our Lake County workers’ compensation lawyers at The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens can assist you. Robert Edens is known as a top-notch workers’ comp attorney and can take the most challenging cases to trial and appeals if needed.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Overview

Workers’ compensation is insurance that most Illinois employers must provide. If you are in a work-related accident in the state, you could receive temporary financial support for your medical bills, lost earnings, and rehabilitation costs. Workers’ comp covers most accidents that happen at the workplace, as well as related illnesses. For instance, workers’ comp would probably apply if you were exposed to hazardous chemicals at work and suffered a respiratory disease.

How To Hire An Illinois Workers’ Comp Attorney

So, you were injured at work, sitting at home, and thinking about hiring a workers’ compensation attorney. At The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, our attorneys find that most injured parties need to answer these three questions to determine the next steps:

  • Do you need a lawyer to represent you in this job-related injury case?
  • How do you determine the best attorney for this case?
  • Someone in your family recommended an attorney. How do you know if this is the best option?

First, it is usually a smart idea to consult a workers’ compensation attorney. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can review your case at no charge and tell if an attorney could benefit you. If sufficient money and benefits are at stake, and the attorney thinks they could help, that is worth considering.

Second, there are many ways to choose an attorney, but reviewing workers’ comp client testimonials is a reliable way to find a skilled, successful one. Look online for workers’ comp attorney testimonials in your area to find a good lawyer.

Third, if a family member or friend recommends an attorney to you, ensure that the person is an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. You want a skilled workers’ comp lawyer who is aggressive, no-nonsense, and intimately familiar with Illinois workers’ comp laws.

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