Birth Related Injuries or Death

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Lawsuits related to a birth injury arise when babies are injured during their birth or before their birth by the careless or negligent care of a doctor or other healthcare provider. When carelessness causes an injury or death of a baby, the provider may be held liable for any and all damages that are the result of the careless actions.

When the provider is found legally responsible for a baby’s injuries, they may be required to pay a variety of damages including (1) Past and medical expenses necessary to cure the injuries; (2) Any and all future medical bills and care expenses necessary to treat and care for the child for the duration that the injuries will last; (3) Future lost wages; (4) Pain and suffering; (5) Permanency damages; (6) Scaring; and, (7) Wrongful death as well as others. These compensatory damages attempt to put the injured baby and his or her loved ones back in the position they would have been in had they not been the victims of the healthcare provider’s medical malpractice.

Our Lake County, Illinois birth injury law firm handles all types of birth injury lawsuits for clients including:

Injuries suffered at birth can be severe and life-altering for the child and the mother. Our law firm understands that your immediate goals include getting the medical bills paid and getting the proper medical care. Bob will personally review every detail of your case and answer all your questions and provide you with your options. Bob and his staff will work with the insurance company and others involved in the case to make sure all your needs are handled in a timely fashion.


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