Birth Hypoxia And Brain Damage

Medical Malpractice Cases Based on Birth Injury Caused by a Lack of Oxygen

It is critical that every newborn child receive adequate oxygen before, during, and after their birth. It is necessary for the health of almost every aspect of the newborn’s body and organs. Doctors and other healthcare providers must monitor the unborn child’s oxygen levels and recognize any signs that the child is in distress. If it is determined that the child is stressed, immediate action is required to prevent serious injury or death.

The deprivation of oxygen before, during, or after a child’s birth can be caused by such things as (1) A breech birth; (2) A placental abruption; (3) A uterine rupture; (4) An umbilical cord compression; (5) An umbilical cord prolapse; or, (6) The umbilical cord wrapping around the baby’s neck. In addition, a decrease in the mother’s oxygen levels can result in the child’s oxygen levels dropping. If a baby suffers from low oxygen levels it can decrease the child’s blood pressure, heart rate, and blood flow away from the heart. As a result, the condition can limit blood flow to the child’s vital organs and tissues. It some cases this can result in irreversible neurological or cellular damage.

It is crucial for doctors to monitor for signs of oxygen deprivation and to take immediate action if the condition occurs. Doctors keep an eye out for this condition by the use of a fetal monitor. A fetal monitor observes any changes in the newborn’s heart rate and rhythm. If the doctors observe distress, they must take immediate steps to prevent further oxygen deprivation and injury. This usually includes performing an emergency cesarean section or administering supplemental oxygen. When the doctors negligently fail to do so, they may be held liable for any and all damages caused by their carelessness.

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