Birth Injury Caused By Vacuum Extraction

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Based on Birth Injury Caused by Vacuum Extraction

Vacuum extraction is a delivery technique used by doctors to assist with a vaginal delivery. Vacuum extraction involves the use of a plastic cup that is placed on a newborn’s head and attached to a vacuum. The vacuum creates a pulling effect which works with the mother’s pushing to move the baby through the mother’s birth canal. Fortunately, in most cases, a vaginal delivery doesn’t require the use of vacuum extraction. This procedure is normally employed in instances where the mother’s pushing in labor alone is not moving the infant through the birth canal.

In most cases, doctors employ the use of a vacuum extraction to avoid a c-section or to hurry the delivery to avoid stress to the infant which has been found on a fetal monitor. Before employing this technique doctors usually try to reposition the mother to assist her in the delivery process. Although the use of vacuum extraction is common, it is not without risks. Vacuum extraction complications include: (1) The swelling and bruising of the infant’s scalp; (2) The development of a subgaleal hematoma (a bleeding between the skull and scalp); (3) A skull fracture; (4) An intracranial hemorrhage (bleeding around or in the brain); and, (5) The development of neonatal jaundice. All of these complications can lead to permanent injury or death.

Serious birth injuries caused by a doctor’s misuse of the vacuum extraction technique can impact your child’s health for life. If you believe that your child was injured as a result of the misuse of a vacuum extraction technique, you may have a right to compensation. Please call and speak to Bob personally today. You can contact him by calling toll-free at 855-760-6746 or 847-395-2200. You may also contact Bob through our online form, or, if you would like, connect live with our live chat operators 24/7 and Bob will call you back right away.

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