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Verdict: Not Guilty

Date: February 2011

County: Cook

PLTF Medical: Dr. Jacqueline Payne, D.O. (Family Practice)

DEF Experts: Dr. Nikhil Verma (Orthopedist)

Summary: The three Plaintiffs were in a parking lot when they were rear-ended by Defendant’s 18 wheeler in stop-and-go traffic-twice. Plaintiff Miyoshi went to the hospital in an ambulance where she claimed soft tissue chest, back, neck and right knee pain. She weighed 628 pounds at the time. Plaintiff Andre went to the hospital on the next day with complaints of headaches, lumbar pain, and cervical pain. Plaintiff Pierre also went to the hospital on the next day and claimed ankle, lumbar and chest pain. Defendant admitted that he tapped the rear of Plaintiffs car but denied he did it twice. Defense contended that Plaintiff Miyoshi’s knee was not aggravated by any trauma from the accident, but because of her morbid obesity and that she made no complaints about her knee when she was in the hospital.

Category: Car Accidents, Cervical Spine/Neck Injuries, Knee Injuries, Repair and Replacement, Trucking Accident