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Car accidents become much more likely in bad weather, when drivers text, or when drivers consume alcohol to the point of intoxication. Every driver must drive safely in the snow and rain to avoid a car accident. It is against the law to text and drive or to drive while intoxicated. Drivers that cause a car accident due to texting or while intoxicated may have to pay punitive damages to anyone they injure.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident that was in any way someone else’s fault, please contact our law firm today to get the legal advice you deserve to answer your questions and explain your options. Robert Edens “Bob” and his Lake County car accident law firm have been recognized as one of the TOP 100 FIRMS in Illinois. We have been serving Lake County car accident victims for over 20 years. Representing the injured is all we do. Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you.

Car Crash Statistics in the U.S.

At The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, we hope every driver involved in a car accident emerges unharmed. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, reality paints a much worse picture.

  • 8 million and more drivers are involved in car accidents every year.
  • 3 million people are hurt or seriously injured every year in car crashes.

  • OVER 2 million drivers and passengers sustain permanent injuries each year in major car crashes.
  • NEARLY 40,000 people lose their lives each year due to major collisions.
  • 40% of all deaths are caused by car accidents involve drivers under the influence of alcohol. Most of these are drivers under the age of 25.
  • 30% of car accident fatalities are attributed to speeding.
  • 33% of all fatalities involving major car accidents are the result of reckless driving.
  • Damage from DISTRACTED DRIVING costs each and every American over $600 annually, not to mention the injuries and fatalities included above.

These statistics are overwhelming and amount to an epidemic in our society – one that can be prevented. You should be prepared for the day when fate turns in front of you and you find yourself or someone you love seriously injured or worse in a car crash.

Bob and His Staff Can Help You Win Your Case

If you or someone your love has been injured in an automobile accident, Bob and his staff can help you win your case and ensure that you get the most money that the law allows. If insurance adjusters are telling you they won’t pay because you weren’t injured or because you were at fault, then you should call Bob today to set up a FREE consultation. Bob will go over the facts of your case in detail and give you an honest opinion of the value of the case.

He will tell you about the personal injury claims process from beginning to end. If your case can’t be settled, Bob and his staff have over 20 years of experience taking cases to trial. Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you. Protect your rights and call Bob TODAY!

Most people who have been injured in a car accident have a lot of questions and need a place to FIND THE ANSWERS. Bob and his staff have personally designed this website to answer your questions such as:

Dealing With The Insurance Company After You File Your Injury Claim Can Be Extremely Frustrating.
What to Do If You Are in a Car Crash!
If you are involved in an automobile accident and are hurt or seriously injured it is VERY important that you do the following:

  • Stay calm, and offer aid to any injured people but do not move anyone.
  • Call 911.
  • Get the name, addresses & phone # of all drivers, all passengers, and all witnesses.
  • Use your cell phone to take pictures of your car and the other car.
  • Take a picture of each car’s license plate and any of the cars of witnesses for identification.
  • Write down the facts of the accident and draw a diagram so you can explain the events to the police and others later. This is especially true if the accident was anything other than a rear-end collision.
  • Get medical attention immediately even if your injuries seem minor. After the adrenalin wears off, your body will begin to feel pain. If you do not seek medical attention the insurance companies with argue that you were not injured.
  • DO NOT give a recorded statement, sign any medical authorization or wage loss authorizations for any insurance carrier.
  • If your injuries are serious, your medical bills are high, and/or the insurance company is being difficult you should consult with an attorney to decide the right course of action to take regarding your personal injury claim.

Video testimonial of client that received $100,000 after being involved in a car accident that insurance company only offer her $15,000 to settle.

Protect your right to compensation and monetary damages for your losses and suffering, contact car accident lawyer Robert “Bob” Edens for a free, no pressure, no-obligation consultation. In the event you can’t come to The Law Offices of Robert Edens, Attorney Edens will meet you in your home or hospital room. Bob is that serious about your injuries and that serious about protecting a car accident victim’s legal rights.

Lawyer Bob Edens’ mission is to give you personal attention based on his 20 years of experience in personal injury cases. Bob and his legal team are available 24 hours a day to act quickly on your behalf—after hours there is a 24-hour helpline that can be easily accessed right online at or through your smartphone too.


We have local offices for your convenience in Antioch, Grayslake, Waukegan, and Barrington. We serve all the surrounding cities of Fox Lake, Ingleside, Lake Villa, Lindenhurst, Round Lake, and Zion. Additionally, all personal injury cases are taken on a contingency-fee-basis—you pay no fees or costs unless a fair settlement is reached on your behalf. In the event a settlement cannot be reached, Bob will take your case to either a jury or a bench trial; still on a contingency fee basis. This is also known as No Win-No Fee litigation.

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