The Windy City: Driving Under Pressure

The Windy City: Driving Under Pressure

Anyone who has spent time in Lake County understands that wind is just another part of everyday life. It is something that cannot be avoided, but also should not be underestimated. Many drivers tend to do just that as it is sometimes very difficult to determine just how dangerous wind conditions are while sitting behind the wheel of their cars. It is at this point that the wind can be at its deadliest, as drivers across the country have discovered only after it is too late. Another mistake that drivers make with regard to such accidents happens after the crash, when they are trying to put the pieces of their lives back together. What drivers may not realize is that just because wind contributed to an accident in which they were injured does not mean they have no recourse when it comes to recovery.

Contributing causes

Whenever heavy wind gusts are likely on highways, drivers should use extreme caution, especially if the road takes them over bridges or points that do not have tree cover along the sides of the highway. These areas can create tunnels of moving air so fast that cars shake and trucks topple. The higher a car or truck is, and the narrower the wheelbase, the higher the chance is that an accident may occur. Further, drivers should be clear minded and alert, as well as making sure they keep a firm grasp on the wheel. Other techniques that drivers can use to be safer while driving in high winds include (as much as possible) trying to anticipate wind gusts as well as being extra careful when passing or being passed by a large vehicle. Failure to use caution can be considered a contributing factor in the event an accident occurs.

Contributing factors may translate into a finding of contributing negligence in a courtroom when a court or jury is deciding who was at fault for damages after an accident. Failure to use caution under the conditions at the time of the accident (such as wind) could lead to a seemingly unstoppable chain reaction that causes thousands of dollars in damage to person and property. For example, if a semi-truck driver allows his trailer to sway into another lane where a driver who is not paying attention is struck, it could lead to a pileup of vehicles that causes both vehicles to bring traffic to a standstill.

In Illinois, if an injured person brings a lawsuit to recover damages after an accident, any award that he or she is given may be reduced by the percentage of fault they share with the other drivers involved in the accident. This concept is known as contributory negligence and, in many cases, can be avoided by learning principles of careful driving and putting them into practice in everyday life.

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