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Round Lake IL Personal Injury Attorney – Biker Cut Off By Car Turning In Front Of Him

Posted On January-21-2014.

Antioch, IL Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, Bob Edens, Has Been Awarded Millions for His Client's Injuries Plaintiff was riding his motorcycle when a car turned left in front of him.  The biker had to lay down his bike to avoid a collision.  Plaintiff sustained road rash and abrasions on his body.  Defense contended that the Plaintiff was speeding and that his wage loss claim was excessive. Verdict:  $21,937 ($8,000 pain and suffering, $2,736 medical expenses; $2,451 LT; $1,000 loss of normal…

Category: Motorcycle Accident, Other,

Barrington IL Personal Injury Attorney – Fatal Crash In Intersection

Posted On January-17-2014.

Shawn Scott entered an intersection on a green light and was struck by a northbound semi-truck operated by Mark Stokes, who went through the red light.  Scott suffered severe brain injuries which resulted in his death 8 days later.  Witnesses testified Stokes ran a red light and that one of the two red lights at the intersection was not illuminated at the time of the crash.  Stokes denied seeing any lights at the intersection and claimed the one illuminated light…

Category: Car Accidents, Neurological Injuries, Severe Head Injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries,

Grayslake IL Personal Injury Attorney-Passenger Sues In Rear-End Collision

Posted On January-17-2014.

Plaintiff was a passenger in a truck driven by her husband when they were rear-ended by Defendant. Plaintiff contended the impact caused a soft tissue neck injury, shredded casing of right biceps muscle, bicipital tendinitis, partial tear of right rotator cuff, and post-traumatic shoulder impingement syndrome, leaving her unable to lift up her arm and lacking enough strength to hold a gallon of milk.  Plaintiff claimed that she had to close her child care business because she could not lift…

Category: Arm Injuries, Car Accidents, Cervical Spine/Neck Injuries, Rear-End Collision, Shoulder Injuries - Rotator Cuff/Other,

Antioch IL Personal Injury Attorney – Woman On Bicycle In Crosswalk Hit By Dump Truck

Posted On January-17-2014.

Plaintiff was riding her bicycle in the crosswalk crossing the street when she was struck by Defendant’s 24,000-lb dump truck which was attempting to make a right turn.  She was dragged 30 to 50 feet.  She sustained 7 pelvic fractures, fractured sacrum, L-5 transverse fracture, bowel injuries, cervical spine damage with aggravation of cervical arthritis requiring five-level decompression and fusion surgery, post-traumatic disorder and major depression.  She will need a future hip replacement.  Defendant said he never saw the Plaintiff…

Category: Bicycle Accidents, Cervical Spine/Neck Injuries, Dislocations, Fractures, Hip Injuries and Replacements, Internal Injuries, Pedestrian Accidents, Psychological Injuries, Tears,

Lake Villa IL – Defense Asserts Plaintiff Not Injured In Rear-End Collision

Posted On January-16-2014.

Plaintiff was rear-ended by Defendant.  Plaintiff claimed that the impact caused him permanent cervical facet arthropathy.  The defense asserted that the Plaintiff was not injured, that he made no complaints at the scene, that he sought no medical assistance, that he went to work and worked the entire day, and that the impact was at a very low speed. Verdict:  $3,835 ($2,835 medical expenses; $1,000 pain and suffering) KNOW YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS. GET A FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION. Getting the maximum…

Category: Car Accidents, Cervical Spine/Neck Injuries, Rear-End Collision,

Ingleside IL – Personal Injury Attorney – Friend Sues Fishing Buddy After Broken Leg

Posted On January-16-2014.

Plaintiff and Defendant went on a fishing trip to Lake Erie in Ohio.  After fishing, the men moved the boat out of the water and onto a trailer.  They then started to unload tackle and personal items from the boat.  Plaintiff made 3 trips to and from the boat.  Each time Plaintiff moved items he jumped off the back of the boat.  On the 3rd trip he jumped off the boat, he broke his leg.  Plaintiff sustained a right bicondylar…

Category: Dislocations, Fractures, Leg Injuries, Tears,

Gurnee IL Personal Injury Attorney – CTA Bus vs. School Bus

Posted On January-16-2014.

Plaintiff was driving a CTA bus when he entered an intersection and was struck by Defendant’s school bus.  Plaintiff says he had the green light.  Defendant says he had the green light.  Plaintiff sustained injuries to both knees necessitating surgery on the right knee, plus neck and back soft tissue injuries. Verdict:  $175,000 ($30,000 medical expenses; $75,000 loss of normal life; $90,000 pain and suffering) KNOW YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS. GET A FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION. Getting the maximum injury and accident…

Category: Car Accidents, Dislocations, Fractures, Knee Injuries, Mid Back Injuries, Repair and Replacement, Tears,

Product Liability-Fox Lake IL-Plaintiff Has Allergic Reaction To Shrimp At Restaurant

Posted On January-16-2014.

Plaintiff ordered the lunch special from Defendant’s Chinese restaurant.  The special included shrimp egg foo young, shrimp fried rice, and an egg roll.  The Plaintiff is allergic to shrimp.  Plaintiff claimed that she requested the shrimp be replaced with chicken.  Plaintiff also claimed that she broke open the egg roll and saw no shrimp.  A short time later she said her throat began to itch and swell.  Plaintiff’s mother-in-law, who is a nurse, suggested that she take Benadryl.  Plaintiff soon…

Category: Cardiac, Other, Product Liability Attorney,

Waukegan IL Personal Injury – Read-End Collision – Defense Denies Plaintiffs’ Injuries

Posted On January-14-2014.

Defendant rear-ended Plaintiff driver, Zachary, and Plaintiff passenger, Matthew.  Zachary suffered neck strain, sprained wrist, and sprained ankle.  Matthew suffered neck strain/sprain.  The defense contended that the Plaintiffs did not suffer any injuries or damages. Verdict:  $18,846: $13,846 to Zachary ($4,500 past medical expenses; $4,500 pain and suffering; $4,846 property damage); $5,000 to Matthew ($2,500 past medical expenses; $2,500 pain and suffering) KNOW YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS. GET A FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION. Getting the maximum injury and accident settlement you’re entitled…

Category: Ankle Injuries, Car Accidents, Cervical Spine/Neck Injuries, Rear-End Collision,

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