Workers’ Compensation Act in Illinois

Workers’ Compensation Act in Illinois

Workmans' Compensation AttorneyWorkers’ Compensation Act is a state-mandated benefit system, which incorporates compensating employees by paying for any medical cost associated with their job-related injuries and illnesses. Workers’ compensation is for almost every employee in Illinois – it usually begins from the minute you start working.

Who Handles Employees’ Compensation Claims in Illinois?

All workers’ compensation claims in Illinois are managed at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC). The IWCC is a government agency, which manages all claims associated with workers’ compensation between employers and employees. The agency acts as an impartial court, which responds to different compensation claims. If you feel you have been denied your right to workers’ compensation benefits, speak with a workers’ compensation attorney today to get all the information you need about filing a complaint.

Injuries Covered Under Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act

The Workers’ Compensation Act is designed to cover all work-related injuries. Any injury caused by repetitive use of a body part at work such, as a fracture in the arms or leg due to excessive usage in a mining or construction work, will fall under this act. The Workers’ Compensation Law covers stroke and similar illnesses caused by stress at work. There are people who have pre-existing conditions, which are made worse by their job.

However, the workers’ compensation does not cover any injury related, but not limited to, a recreational activity such as a picnic, holidays, contact sports and any other recreational or sports activity. Similarly, if you have a slip and fall accident, or any other form of injury at a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center, then those injuries will not be covered under the workers’ compensation benefits.

When to File a Claim

If you’re an employee and you suffer from any workplace-related injury or disease, then it’s your right to duly notify the concerned authorities at your workplace. It’s essential to discuss your case with your employer through Human Resources and the supervisor.

As an employee, you need to notify the company within 45 days of the accident so the workplace accident can be accurately documented. You will need the services of a competent workers’ compensation attorney to determine you are entitled to workers’ compensation. You will need to prove you were injured on duty and your injury or illness is caused by the conditions in the workplace.

If your employer’s insurance company in any circumstance fails to provide your compensation benefits following a workplace accident, then you have the right to file a claim for workers’ compensation. The procedure for pursuing an Illinois workers’ compensation claim is challenging and complicated and you will need an experienced attorney to assist you in filing the complaint.

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