Workers’ Comp Investigator Tactics

Workers’ Comp Investigator Tactics

workers compThe insurance company will do everything in its power to reduce your Workers’ Comp claim, and yes, that means you will be under surveillance. The primary purpose behind Workers’ Comp surveillance is to undermine a claim and the credibility of the injured worker. Here are some of the top tactics that you can expect from their investigators:

Online Surveillance

Investigators will go as far as monitoring your social media accounts for proof that you are lying about your injuries or claim. So if you have a Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or even a LinkedIn account, make sure you don’t post incriminating evidence.

For example, posting a video of your white water rafting adventure is NOT a good idea if you filed a back injury claim to get Workers’ Comp. Maybe your injuries are minor, but that doesn’t mean the insurance company will not use that evidence to undermine your claim.

Video Surveillance

The insurance company may station a private investigator outside your home. Using a camera or even just a smartphone, he/she can take pictures of you that can be used to deny your claim. They can show up and start monitoring you when you least expect it. Plus, they won’t stop till they have something they can use to incriminate you. You need to assume that there is someone watching you at all times. Don’t do anything that could jeopardize your claim.

Direct Queries

Investigators are far from shy or covert when it comes to disclaiming Workers’ Comp claims. They can ask you about your injuries directly and use your statements against you during a hearing. You need to choose your words carefully to ensure you do not incriminate yourself or bring your claim into question.

Better yet, do not make any claims to an investigator – their job is to protect the insurance company’s interests, not yours. So do not discuss your claims without hiring our Illinois workers’ compensation lawyers.

How You Can Help Yourself

Unfortunately, surveillance is legal no matter how nerve-wracking it is, so you cannot ask an investigator to stop following you. The best thing you can do to protect your claim is to follow your doctor’s orders. For example, if you need to walk on crutches for a few weeks for a broken ankle, make sure you always use them when you are out and about. Make sure you use them indoors as well. An investigator may spy on you from the windows.

Additionally, be clear about the specifics surrounding your accident and claim. However, do not speculate if you are confused about some facts. Investigators will use discrepancies in your story to try and deny your claim. Keep details concise and straightforward to be on the safe side.

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