Workers’ Comp Adjuster Tricks To Be Aware Of

Workers’ Comp Adjuster Tricks To Be Aware Of

workers compWorkers’ compensation serves as a safety net for employees faced with a work-related injury. It covers their medical bills and rehabilitation costs, and other damages such as lost wages resulting from the injury. They also provide death benefits to dependents of a worker who is killed in a work-related accident. In 2018 alone, around $62.9 billion were paid in workers’ compensation benefits, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

However, receiving the coverage you deserve in workers’ compensation is more difficult than most employees think. You don’t know how low insurance providers can go to minimize the compensation they need to pay out. You might well be under 24/7 surveillance in an attempt to spot loopholes and inconsistencies in your case. Here are some workers’ comp adjuster tricks to look out for when you file your claim:

Using Private Investigators

Regardless of whether a claim is contested or uncontested, insurance companies often hire private investigators to keep an eye on you. The purpose is to collect evidence against you that shows that you violated your doctor’s restrictions, such as not leaving your home or lift heavy objects. For example, if you attempt to leave your home when you’ve been told not to, you will most certainly be videotaped doing so.

Recording Your Statements to be Used Against You

Before you receive medical treatment or get paid for the damages, your insurance company will do its best to obtain a recorded statement from you. Their request may sound innocent but their aim is to use your comments against you. Insurance agents know that the victim of the accident will be under severe stress right after the event took place and may give out information that can be used against their case.

Therefore, we recommend hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible, especially before you give out any information to insurance providers. More importantly, understand that you are not legally bound to give a recorded statement.

Voluntarily Paying You Benefits

When insurance providers realize your case is strong, they voluntarily make compensatory payments but fail to inform you about your obligations so that you lose your benefits at some point in the future. What they hide from you is that if you don’t obtain an award order and file a claim for benefits form, you will no longer be entitled to the payments you deserve when the statute of limitations runs out after a year from the day of the workplace accident.

Seeking a Blank Medical Authorization from You

When you file your workers’ compensation claim, your insurance provider may proceed to a fishing expedition, looking for any pre-existing medical conditions that might justify a low payment or dispute. Don’t fall for the trap of giving them a blank medical authorization. They’ll use this authority to find medical conditions that may undermine your case.

Now that you’re aware of some common insurance adjuster tricks, you should be in a much better position to dodge them as they come your way. Don’t become complacent here; hire Robert Edens, a reliable workers’ compensation lawyer in Grayslake, who will offer expert advice from the beginning till the end.

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