Why Construction Accidents Increase In The Spring

Why Construction Accidents Increase In The Spring

Many Americans like Daylight Saving Time (DST) because it gives us an hour of extra daylight in the evening in the spring and summer months. However, considerable evidence shows that DST could have adverse outcomes for society. For example, evidence suggests that the time change every spring leads to more construction accidents. Learn more about this critical topic in this article. If you were recently injured at work, our McHenry County construction accident lawyers at The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C could help.

Daylight Saving Time Overview

DST means moving clocks forward an hour in the US and other countries in the spring and summer months. The idea is to offer citizens more daylight hours in the number. In most states, we move our clocks ahead an hour around mid-March. In the fall, clocks are moved back to Standard Time. While many people enjoy having more daylight hours in the evening with warm weather, the switch has potential downsides.

Does Daylight Saving Time Cause More Workplace Injuries?

Two researchers at Michigan State University say yes, DST causes more injuries on the job, such as at construction sites.  Investigators David Wagner and Christopher Barnes argue that the number of injuries on the job increases after DST begins every March. Yet, they did not notice a rise in job-related injuries when clocks are moved back every November. The change every fall did not have a significant effect on how much people were able to get – only a 12-minute difference. This would not be enough to affect safety in the workplace, the researchers said.

How The Research Was Conducted

Wagner and Barnes performed two studies, noting that the DST change each spring caused people to get an average of 40% less sleep. This led to a 5.7% rise in injuries on the job, including in construction areas. Their studies will be shared in the monthly Journal of Applied Psychology edition.

Does Losing An Hour Of Sleep Cause More Construction Injuries?

Barnes claimed in his research that losing one hour of sleep for a few days or weeks can cause more workplace accidents. The thinking is that workers are more tired after the change, leading to job fatigue and more errors at work. This is especially concerning in work requiring high attention to detail to prevent serious injuries or death, such as in construction areas.

Further, University of British Columbia research using data from the Canadian Ministry of Transport determined that when Canada moved their clocks ahead in the spring, 8% more accidents occurred the day after DST began.

Barnes also noted in his study that many people do not believe that a one-hour sleep change can make a difference in job-related injuries. However, the research suggests that it can.

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