When Brake Checking Becomes Dangerous

When Brake Checking Becomes Dangerous

Auto Accident AttorneyThere has been an increase in the practice of brake checking in recent years. Though there are many programs in place to reduce road accidents, it is challenging to prevent them, especially due to aggressive driving and road rage. Brake checking is among one of the most common behaviors that are acted out by drivers due to aggression and anger. Moreover, tailgating is another aggressive behavior, which usually is the reason that prompts a driver to brake check.If you have sustained injuries due to an accident caused by brake checking and road rage, you should contact an experienced lawyer to seek damages for your pain and suffering. Hiring an experienced auto accident lawyer will ensure that your legal rights remain protected throughout the entire process.

What is Brake checking?

Brake checking refers to an instance when a car abruptly stops on the road. This sudden stoppage can lead to fatal accidents and road rage, especially if there are heavy vehicles such as trucks involved. Drivers may pull up in front of a truck when they believe that they are being tailgated. Thus, they brake check the truck behind them, stopping in the middle of the road. Consequently, this causes the driver to brake suddenly, which ultimately leads to an accident. The truck may either hit the front vehicle or cause a pileup behind them.

The Psychology behind Brake Checking

It is important to understand the psychology behind brake checking as it can lead to serious auto accidents and injuries. Perhaps the biggest reason behind brake checking is the driver’s ego or entitlement of road space, which overrides their judgment and ability to think rationally. Therefore, they use brake checking as an attempt to reclaim their space back.

The possessiveness and arrogance over the space in which an individual is driving tends to get the best out of their emotions. That’s probably the reason that they still opt for brake checking, even though they are aware of the negative consequences that they might have to face. Moreover, brake checkers also have a reputation of fleeing away from the scene of the incident, which shows that they subconsciously are aware that they are at fault.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

Proving the fault in a brake checking incident can be challenging because often the vehicle in the rear is considered at fault. Furthermore, the defense counsel may argue that the plaintiff was not maintaining adequate distance or failed to stop in reasonable time. Thus, having a competent auto accident attorney on your side can be pivotal for the success of your claim as your attorney will refute these arguments by establishing facts and presenting evidence in court.

If your vehicle has a dashcam and it recorded the video footage of the accident, it can be presented as admissible evidence in the court by your Lake County auto accident lawyer. Not only will the video footage strengthen your case, but also prevent defense counsel from making any false accusations. If there is no dashcam footage, your lawyer will use other evidence to devise a solid case in your favor to help you obtain rightful compensation for your loss and suffering.

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