What Workers’ Compensation Investigators Are Looking For

What Workers’ Compensation Investigators Are Looking For

You will probably apply for workers’ compensation if you were hurt at work. If so, it is important to understand how workers’ compensation investigations operate and what they look for to question a claim. Continue reading to learn more, and contact our Waukegan workers’ compensation lawyers at The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens if you need help with your claim.

Workers’ Comp Investigators Always Look For Fraud

Most workers’ compensation claims are legitimate, but Illinois workers’ comp investigators always look for fraud. Workers’ comp fraud happens when the employee obtains benefits by lying about or exaggerating their injuries. Employers, medical providers, and insurance companies also can commit workers’ compensation fraud. Some examples of fraud they look for are:

  • Making up your injury or illness
  • Claiming your non-job-related injury happened on the job
  • Working another job while receiving benefits
  • Exaggerating your illness or injury to receive additional benefits
  • Lying about your income to receive more money
  • Trying to get compensation for treatments you did not have

It is possible that you could get flagged for potential fraud even if you play by the rules. That is why it is often wise to have a workers’ compensation attorney handle your claim for you. Your attorney will handle the claims process and do everything to ensure it goes smoothly.

How Workers’ Compensation Investigators Collect Evidence

There are many ways that investigators collect evidence to find workers’ comp fraud. However, being aware of the tools they use to root out fraud can help you to avoid having your claim questioned or denied:

Video Surveillance

Workers’ comp investigators often use video cameras to catch workers exaggerating or faking job-related injuries. For example, they may install a surveillance camera near your residence or have an investigator follow you. Workers’ comp investigators will try to get it on video if you do anything that makes it look like you are not injured.

Remember that most healthcare facilities have video surveillance of their parking lots. It is easy for investigators to obtain this footage, so always assume a camera is on you when out in public.

Online Surveillance

Workers’ comp investigators can track your social media activities easily. They will review status updates, tagged photos, and posts. For example, if you post a picture of you finishing a 5k when you are on disability, the investigators will come across it.


An investigator may interview you in person, by phone, or by video. You are not required to talk to them, but doing an interview can benefit your case. Also, the investigator can interview friends, family, and neighbors to check if you are genuinely injured.


When you are on workers’ comp or applying for it, always be aware of your actions in public. Behave like you are being watched 24/7, and do not make social media posts that might be construed as a sign of workers’ comp fraud. The insurance company will question anything that looks like you are not seriously injured.

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