What to do when involved in an Automobile Accident

What to do when involved in an Automobile Accident

Anyone who has visited the beautiful city of Chicago is familiar with the daily traffic. Most people recognize the dangers posed by millions of drivers rushing through the city on a daily basis. Few drivers know what to do once they have been in a car accident. Automobile accidents not only interrupt your day, they can disturb your daily routine for months. Having an experienced attorney handle your accident will save you endless hours of wasted time, stress and frustration. If you have been in an automobile accident, here are some things to consider.

The Opposing Party

Whether you turn a claim into your own insurance provider or the other driver’s insurance company, you will most likely need to negotiate. Misplaced trust in an insurance adjuster can cost you thousands of dollars. Insurance companies have no incentive to offer you a generous settlement and every incentive to offer you very little; they are for-profit corporations. If the other driver in the accident hires an attorney, he then has no incentive to settle quickly. When you are the injured party, you may spend more on medical bills, and you may be forced to stay home from work due to your injuries. This will make it difficult for you to wait for a settlement offer and you may be willing to settle for less than you deserve. Having an attorney handle these negotiations will ensure that you get nothing but your full compensation.

The Compensation

It is easy to be short sighted when you have been injured. When your immediate needs are to pay for mounting medical bills, it can be difficult to try and prepare for the future. While this is certainly understandable, it is not in your best interest.

When you have been injured as the result of another driver’s negligence, you are entitled to recover your full damages. This may include bills from prescriptions, surgeries, and doctors’ appointments in the present, but it can also mean physical therapy, or rehabilitative treatments in the future. It is important to keep in mind that your damaged property will need to be replaced and you may need to find alternative transportation while the repairs are ongoing; this is also compensable. Understanding the full compensation to which you are entitled will ensure that this automobile accident does not disrupt your life any more than it already has. Having an attorney assist you in preparing a demand for damages will ensure that no details are missed.

The Claim

There are a great number of details and procedural hoops to jump through when seeking recovery for an automobile accident. You will need to determine the extent of your injuries, the insurance policy that covers the other driver, and decide what amount you can reasonably settle for. You will need to discover whether the insurance company is willing to negotiate or if it is contesting your claim. You may need to determine exactly what is being contested; are you being accused of fault or is there a legal reason they are not willing to settle? All of these actions may lead you to file a lawsuit. If that is the case, there will be many new hurdles to tackle, including depositions, interrogatories, and possible counter claims. An attorney can guide you through this legal maze step by step.


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