What If The Person At Fault For My Accident Is Deceased?

What If The Person At Fault For My Accident Is Deceased?

auto accidentSome auto accidents can be fatal. If the driver of the other car responsible for your accident dies because of injuries, you can still pursue a claim by contacting their insurance company. Illinois is an ‘at-fault’ state, which means that you are well within your rights to ask for compensation.

How to Prove That a Deceased Driver Was Responsible For a Car Accident

At this point, you need to remember that the insurance company will dedicate all of its resources to invalidate your claim or ensure you get minimum compensation. Unmitigated evidence that Lake County auto accident lawyers present can ensure your case remains strong.

So the first thing you should do after the accident is to take as many pictures and videos of the accident scene as possible if you can. Plus, also file a police report, get information about the deceased driver, take down eye-witness accounts, and gather other evidence that can prove your claim.

Your lawyer can use that evidence to prove that the deceased driver was at fault for your accident. If you delay, the insurance company of the at-fault driver can blame you for the auto accident. The sooner you take action and file a case, the stronger your case becomes.

Filing a Claim against a Deceased ‘At-Fault’ Driver’s Insurance Company

The insurance company is responsible for compensating victims of their policy holder’s actions, whether the latter is deceased or otherwise. For example, if a drunk driver crashed into you and was killed, an experienced attorney will ensure you get compensated by them.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident, you can recover:

  • Incurred medical expenses for injuries you sustained because of the auto accident. This includes ambulance charges, doctor visits, physical therapy, medication, etc.
  • Damages for the pain and suffering you went through because of your mental and physical distress. This can include therapy, medication costs, and any other expenditures you had to pay yourself for your injuries.
  • Lost work hours as you were recuperating or healing from your injuries. With proof of wages, you may also be able to recover the lost wages you missed out on while you were bed-ridden or unable to work.

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Filing an insurance claim against a deceased at-fault driver is not impossible if you have a lawyer from the Law Offices of Robert T. Edens on your side. Our Lake County auto accident lawyers can gather a copy of the police report, interview witnesses, and collect other evidence on your behalf that can strengthen your case.

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We can also negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you get the maximum compensation possible. Our Antioch personal injury lawyers have been fighting for the rights of injured victims and workers for years. Why should you have to pay for your medical treatments when you weren’t at fault, to begin with? Let us handle the case so that you don’t have to. That’s what we specialize in. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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