Ways to Prepare Children for a Road Trip That Can Prevent Accidents

Ways to Prepare Children for a Road Trip That Can Prevent Accidents

Personal Injury AttorneyA road trip can be relaxing, but when you have excitable kids onboard, you can get into an accident. The good news is you can prevent it, make the most of the trip and ensuring it does not become a nightmare by following these tips.

Prepare Your Car Beforehand

You will be spending hours behind the wheel, so making sure it is good driving condition just makes sense. A lot can happen on the road that can cause an accident. For example – do not wait for it to rain before finding out your wipers do not work. Plus, an overheated engine can strand you for hours and your kids can suffer in the heat as they wait for you to fix the car. Worse, what if your car veers off the road because of a broken axle?

If you think your vehicle cannot perform for hours on the road, consider getting a rental instead. It will be a safer option for you and your family since these are usually in proper working order. Make sure they have safety belts as well. According to Illinois law, there should be two sets of these.

Distract the Kids with Meals and Snacks

Finger food and snacks are often enough to calm down toddlers and older children. If you have a baby on board, pull to the side of the road or in a safe area and then get in the back seat to feed him/her pureed baby food or cereal.

If your baby is still nursing, pull to the side of the road to feed him/her on a strict schedule. Plus, either have food in the car or stop at a restaurant at mealtime. Children usually act out when they are hungry. By maintaining a meal schedule during the road trip, you can do your best to ensure they remain calm.

Drive at Night

If your children are quite young, consider driving at night. This is going to be quite helpful if you have 2-year old’s or younger children. Keeping them calm and occupied for hours at a time can be a challenge as it is.

By driving at night when they are tired from a day full of play and sleepy, you will be able to drive without distractions. However – make sure you are not too tired to remain behind the wheel.

Personal Injury Attorney

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