Understanding the Responsibility and the Visitor Actions for Premises Liability Cases

Understanding the Responsibility and the Visitor Actions for Premises Liability Cases

Premises Liability AttorneyWhen you have a visitor on your property, you automatically are liable to make sure that nothing on your property may cause them a personal injury. This concept is the basis of all premises liability cases. You as a building occupant are responsible for creating a safe environment and ensuring that visitors are aware of the dangers present on the property and can avoid them with advance knowledge.

If you are a victim of a premises liability scenario, then you need the support of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Illinois to prove that the responsible person was negligent in their duty. Here are some important elements to understand for instances of premises liability.

Negligence of the Responsibility

Most premises liability cases happen because the occupants of a building/property have been negligent in taking care of the premises. This means that they leave various dangers out there which may cause a person to get seriously injured. When this happens to you, you are entitled to receive compensation due to the negligence.

However, you must pursue a case for obtaining the required compensation for a personal injury received due to the negligence of responsibility. A reputed personal injury lawyer in Illinois can help you come up with an ideal case to ensure that all your financial losses are properly communicated. This ensures that you receive the maximum benefits from the responsible party.

Duty of Care

The concept of duty of care explains how the property owners or residents are responsible for the safety of visitors present on their property. There are three categories of visitors in this regard.


An invitee is a person who has received permission from the owner to enter and use the premises. The owner is completely responsible for the safety of such individuals. If you were invited to someone’s house and suffered an injury there, you can always take legal action by applying the principle of the premises liability.


A licensee is a person allowed by the owner to visit the property in a limited capacity, such as sales agent or a worker visiting to install some equipment. The duty of care in such a case is reduced. However, most injury instances are still covered by premises liability.


A trespasser is a person who is unauthorized to visit the property. However, children cannot be included in this group and it is the duty of the owner to ensure that a child cannot receive an injury due to a facility present on the property.

Visitor Actions

Visitors can perform certain actions that result in injury. A common injury is the slip and fall accident, which mostly happens due to poor safety arrangements on the premises. The lack of security and open swimming pools are other common danger that visitors may face by simply moving in different parts of the property.

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