Types of Injuries You Can Get Compensation for in a Car Accident

Types of Injuries You Can Get Compensation for in a Car Accident

Personal Injury AttorneySome car accidents can cause severe injuries that can cause paralysis or fatalities. This is not to say minor accidents do not have the potential of causing severe injuries. However, they are more unlikely to result in traumatic ones, such as spinal cord or brain damage.

Serious injuries can prevent victims from returning to work or gaining meaningful employment that can support them. In certain cases, injured parties can live with chronic pain their entire lives, which can permanently impede their prospects.

What are Permanent Injuries?

If you have been permanently disabled because of a car accident, Illinois state considers it a permanent injury. This includes any damages that impede movement and abilities. Since you won’t be able to work, you can ask for compensation from the negligent driver, provided you have an attorney who can ensure you get the full amount you deserve.

Some permanent injuries that qualify for compensation include:

  • Disfigurement
  • Hearing loss
  • An injury that proves fatal (your family can demand compensation for this)
  • Loss of use of limbs due to amputation and loss of vision

Some injuries are considered permanent, but partial, which include loss of the following:

  • A hand or arm
  • A thumb or any other fingers
  • Your big or little toes
  • A leg or a foot

Besides physical injuries, you can also get compensation for intangible damages you suffered due to the accident. This includes emotional suffering, psychological damages, changes that have negatively affected your lifestyle, or reduced quality of life and financial losses. In case you succumb to your injuries, the compensation will also include losses your family members suffered.

Formulating the case can take some time, and while there are several avenues you can explore, an attorney can suggest solutions that can work for you. The good news is Illinois offers several options that can ensure victims can get the compensation they deserve.

Personal Injury Attorney

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