Types of Injuries Illinois Workers Can Claim

Types of Injuries Illinois Workers Can Claim

Workers Compensation AttorneyA work-related injury can prevent you from earning an income to support yourself, your family and can deplete your savings. This is why Illinois has strict worker compensation laws in place – to protect workers. Your employer must ensure you are equipped with safety gear and ensure the workplace is safe to prevent injuries, or worse.

Here are common injuries you can claim compensation if you are injured at work:

Trauma from Repetitive Work

If you work in a factory or a place where you are required to repeat certain movements for hours, you can suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. This can be anything from sprains resulting from prolonged typing or trauma injuries due to repetitive hammering etc. Since these condition results from such jobs, your employer is legally obliged to pay you for damages. Even if you must stand for long periods of time to complete a job, the recovery from the strain is also covered.

Physical Injuries

You can receive worker’s compensation for any physical injury you sustain in the course of your work duties. For example, if you burn yourself while soldering, fracture a bone after falling from scaffolding or get a cut trying to stop yourself from falling, you can recover benefits that can help you heal and recover faster.

What Worker’s Compensation Pays For

You should be paid for the following as compensation for your injuries:

  • Medication
  • First aid
  • Hospital care
  • Surgery, if needed
  • Emergency services
  • Prosthetics
  • Special wheelchair
  • Physical therapy or chiropractic care

You can only get these benefits if you inform your employer or HR about your incident as soon as possible. Typically, you have a 45-day deadline to do this. If you miss work for more than three (3) days because of your injuries, your employer must file an accident report on your behalf.

If you or someone you know has been injured in the job or has been left paralyzed and they cannot work, they need aggressive legal representation. Get in touch with us at the Law Offices of Robert Edens to see justice done and receive the compensation you deserve. After determining the details surrounding your case, we will assign an attorney who will ensure your rights are not ignored or violated. This includes making sure your employer pays you for damages during your recovery period. We represent workers in Chicago, Libertyville, Woodstock, Waukegan and Antioch.

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