Types of Auto Accidents

Types of Auto Accidents

Auto Accident AttorneyAccording to an estimate, the average American is involved in at least 3 auto accidents during his or her lifetime. According to a report by the National Security Council, the number of auto accidents was 6% higher in 2017. The report shows that the number of deaths caused by auto accidents topped a shocking number of 40,000. The last time the death toll reached this high was 11 years back in 2007. It is important to note that not every accident is equally destructive. Some accidents merely cause minor damage to your car while others can even result in fatal injuries.

Some types of auto accidents are listed below:

  • Multi-Vehicle Pile-Ups
  • Single Car Accidents
  • Head-on Collisions
  • Vehicle Rollovers
  • Sideswipe Collisions
  • Side-impact Collisions
  • Rear-end Collisions

Can the type of auto-accident affect your personal injury claim?

If you are involved in an auto accident caused by the negligence or fault of another person, you can file a personal injury claim to receive compensation. The type of accident does not have a significant bearing on your claim but you can use it to prove negligence. For instance, a head-on collision can be used to augment your argument that you were a victim of the defendant’s reckless and careless behavior.

Proving the negligence or recklessness of the defendant is an integral aspect of establishing liability. Once you or the auto accident lawyer representing you has established liability, you can receive compensation for the injuries and pain you may have suffered due to the defendant’s negligence.

What should you do if you are involved in any type of auto accident?

The first and foremost thing you must do is inform the authorities. Calling the relevant authorities would get you immediate medical attention and the gives the police the opportunity to collect evidence. Secondly, you must assess the damage you have suffered due to the accident, both physically and monetarily. Once you have recovered enough, you should file a personal injury claim as soon as possible. In some rare cases, the person at fault would voluntarily compensate you for the damage caused so that you won’t need to go to court. But in most instances, people do not admit fault which is why a vast majority of auto accident cases are decided in courts.

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