Most Common Workplace Injuries

The Most Common Workplace Injuries-workers Comp Attorney Lake Co Il

The Most Common Workplace Injuries

The most common injuries differ from one industry to the next. Obviously, the top 10 injuries in a machine shop will differ from those in an office environment. Usually, the injuries fall into one of these categories.

1. Over-Exertion Injuries – The number one cause for workers’ compensation injuries is the overexertion of employees’ bodies. These injuries occur from heavy or excessive lifting, pulling, carrying, throwing, or pushing. Many jobs require such work. Even smaller tasks such as carrying copy paper in an office can cause back, leg, shoulder, and other strain injuries. Don’t be the hero – feel comfortable asking for help if something is too heavy for you to move or lift.

2. Slipping/Tripping – Many workplace accidents occur when employees trip over something or slip-on materials left unattended. Even bad weather can instigate this type of injury for workers. Attention to what is going on around them is required of employees. Employers should have safety guidelines to ensure spills are promptly cleaned and no debris is present which can be dangerous.

3. Falling from Heights – These injuries can occur due to faulty equipment or falling off a ladder or scaffolding. Harnesses and protective gear are necessary to prevent more serious injuries. Also, the equipment needs to be checked and replaced regularly to prevent injury. The workplace environment needs to be secure and regularly checked for equipment and structural problems.

4. Reactive Injuries – A reaction by an employee to a situation, such as jumping out of the way of a falling object or pulling back when startled can cause muscle injuries & tears, body trauma, and a variety of other medical issues. These incidents are not always avoidable or foreseeable so it is important to remind employees to stay alert and aware of their surroundings.

5. Falling Objects– These injuries occur when something falls from above and strikes a part of the body. A common cause of this is when an employee reaches overhead to get something from a higher area. Head injuries are a common result of this type of accident. Proper work gear and attention to one’s surroundings can keep these injuries to a minimum.

6. Walking Into Objects – As odd as this sounds, there are many reported injuries caused by employees walking into objects within their environment. Head, knee, ankle, neck, and foot injuries are common results of these walking-type injuries. An employee’s attention to their surroundings and a focus on keeping the work environment free from hazards are key to preventing these types of injuries.

7. Vehicle Accidents -Workers who drive as part of their job duties can be injured in an auto accident, some of which can be fatal. As a driver, an employee has a responsibility to follow protocols and safety measures put in place by the employer which often includes not talking on a cell phone or texting while operating the vehicle.

8. Machinery Injuries – Workers using and working around heavy equipment and machinery are susceptible to getting caught in the moving parts of the device. Clothing, shoes, fingers, and hair are common items that can easily get caught or compressed by everyday equipment during normal operation. Protective equipment and attention to personal details are necessary to avoid these incidents.

9. Repetitive Motion Injuries – Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common injuries and is caused by the continuous, repeated motion used to perform one’s job. Factory workers or those who do a tremendous amount of typing are frequent sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome.

10. Violent Acts – These acts occur when an employee gets angry at his/her co-workers, management, or anyone they perceive as “wronging” them in some way. Fortunately, this is the least occurring of our top 10 injuries. Preventative education and employee training to spot and report suspicious behaviors keep incidents from being exacerbated. If you suspect something or are being provoked by a co-worker, talk to your manager or Human Resources Department. Don’t let something get out of control.

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