Why Do Workers’ Comp Adjusters Try To Keep You From Getting Paid?

workers compIf your Illinois workers’ comp was declined, your employer might not be the only one to blame. Claims adjusters are paid to ensure that claimants get as little as possible. That’s how insurance companies make money. Unfortunately, because of this, millions of deserving injured workers are denied compensation that can help them pay for their medical bills and future treatments.


Why  Workers’ Comp Adjusters Try To Deny Your Claim

As mentioned, insurance adjusters work for the insurance company, not a charity. They are in it to make a profit. They follow a complex business model that ensures the house (the insurance company they work for) wins every time.


Insurance companies collect hefty premiums, use them to invest in other ventures, and pay off as few claimants as possible so they can keep the leftover money. In other words, their job is to pay as little as possible irrespective of the type of claim you have. Their adjusters can also deny claims completely for this.


They aren’t out to get you. That’s just how they work within the system. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot call them out on it. Antioch workers’ comp lawyers understand that system and can work with the adjuster to resolve ‘disputes.’ While denying your claims is part of the latter’s job, that doesn’t mean you should put up with it when your finances and health are at stake.


Why Employers Can Try To Deny Your Claim

Employers pay premiums for workers’ compensation insurance coverage because they have to from a legal point of view. These are based partially on the claim amount the insurance company can pay in claims.


So if one of their employees is out for the count for months because of a workplace injury and requires compensation for surgeries or physical therapy or is permanently disabled, the insurance company may increase those premiums.


Employers who want to keep those prices down may deny claims whether they are valid or not. This can happen if multiple employees file Illinois workers’ comp claims one after another in a very short period, which can cause a spike in premiums.


Some employers fight these claims to discourage other employees from filing future claims. If you have seen a colleague being harassed or fired for this request, you may think twice about filing one yourself, even if you are seriously injured on the job. Similarly, if a coworker fought for years to get the compensation through the court but their claim was denied because of inexperienced lawyers, you may be discouraged further.


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