What Should I Do If Police Refuse to Write a Report Of My Auto Accident?

Auto Accident AttorneyA police report is a formal document created by police officers which entails information pertaining to accidents and is used for verification purposes. There are many instances where police officers may not write a police report for auto accidents. They may determine that the severity of an accident is not high enough or perhaps the incident did not cause any serious injury to either party, thus concluding that incident does not warrant a report.

In such a situation, police officers may refuse to write a report and simply ask both parties to exchange information with each other, even if they persist in a police report being made. However, an individual has a right to file a lawsuit even if the scene of an incident is not formally recorded by a police officer.

If you suffered an auto accident, then your first priority, after receiving medical treatment, is ensuring that a police officer issues an accident report. However, if they refuse to write a report, you may request them to make one for insurance purposes. If a police officer does not consider your request, you should follow these few steps:

  • Call 911 immediately to report the accident. This will help you to preserve a record of the date and time when the incident occurred.
  • Obtain names and contact details from people around the scene who witnessed the accident. Collect information from other involved drivers which may include their name, address, insurance information, and contact number.
  • Document information related to the responding police agency, including officers’ badge numbers and any piece of information or communication with police officers.
  • Capture pictures of involved vehicles, positions of cars, skid marks, and the surrounding area of the accident. This can prove to be invaluable evidence that can help you to substantiate your claim.
  • You must assume the responsibility of an investigator. Write down every detail you remember about the accident. Sometimes, small details such as an accurate time of incident and pictures of skid marks can have a big impact on your case.

You must understand that giving a verdict is the responsibility of a judge or a jury as police officers merely record information and details pertaining to the accident. Therefore, damages, fault, and compensation for your claim will be determined by the judge or jury. Thus, a police report may be helpful, but it is not a determinant factor in your case. Hence, if you follow the aforementioned instructions after your accident, then you should not be concerned if there is no police report of your incident.

If you have become a victim of an auto accident, it can be highly beneficial for your case to acquire the services of an experienced Lake County auto accident lawyer. Your attorney will ensure that your rights remain protected throughout the litigation process.

Furthermore, a skillful auto accident lawyer will find evidence, prepare witnesses, and establish facts to prove your claim, which will help you to hold the defendant liable for their actions. Following the instructions provided above after an accident will provide your auto accident lawyer grounds to construct a solid case in your favor, enabling you to obtain rightful compensation for damages you sustained due to the accident.

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(Content updated 08/25/2022)