Staying Safe on Roads this 4th of July in Illinois

Staying Safe on Roads this 4th of July in Illinois

Auto Accident AttorneyIndependence Day is just around on the corner, and people around the country are getting ready to celebrate 4th of July with their family and friends. Most of us will be traveling to other counties and states to our loved ones to make the most of this holiday. However, some people take the celebration a bit too far and end up consuming a lot of alcohol. It has been seen that the number of drunk drivers on highways and roads on July 4th spike every year, which consequently leads to more car crashes.

Every year, about 400 people are killed on Independence Day in vehicle accidents. Moreover, 41 percent of total fatalities that take place on this day involve alcohol impairment. Given the statistics, it is essential to educate yourself and people around you about the dangers of drunk driving and knowing safety tips to avoid any mishaps on this 4th of July.

Avoid Drinking and Driving

One of the leading causes of traffic accidents during holidays in the US is drunk driving. A study by Mothers Against Drunk Driving showed that over 300,000 Americans were injured in 2013 as a consequence of drinking and driving. A major portion of auto accidents took place around the Independence Day weekend, and it was found that alcohol was the one of the contributing factors.

To avoid putting your and the safety of others sharing the road at risk, make sure you remain sober if you are planning to drive. If celebrating the holiday with alcohol is part of your plan, be sure to arrange a cab or Uber, or designate a driver who remains sober to drive you back home.

Account for Extra Travel Time

It is common during national holidays for individuals and families to spend the weekend with their loved ones residing in other parts of the state or country. This means that there will likely be more traffic on roads than usual, resulting in increased travel times. Instead of aggressive driving or road raging, try to be patient and remain calm. It is best to account for the extra travel time when making plans so that you do not fall behind schedule and feel the need to drive over speed limits.

Celebrate the Holiday at Home

The surefire way to avoid accidents and stay safe this 4th of July is to stay put and host a party at your place. Calling over a few friends and family members at your home for celebration is still fun – the best part is that you will not have to worry about designating a driver or being at risk of drunk driving.

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