Serious Burn Injuries

Serious Burn Injuries

Personal Injury AttorneyIn the United States each year, burn injuries send more than 1.1 million people to the emergency room. Some of the most severe burn injuries require intensive care in a specialized hospital with a burn unit. Burn injuries are caused by an accident at home, at a workplace or any other location. If you believe the burn injuries you’ve sustained are caused by the negligence of another individual, you have the right to hold the other party liable for compensate for your expensive burn injury treatment. Speaking with a skilled personal injury attorney which specializes in burn injuries will go a long way in getting the compensation you deserve.

What to do if you are a Burn Injury Victim?

If you suffered from a burn injury caused by someone else’s negligence at the workplace or in an accident, the first thing to consider is to determine who is at fault? Insurance companies have a difficult time denying burn injury cases. Since burn injuries cannot occur anonymously, being burnt by hot surfaces, dangerous chemicals and hot oil injuries are instantly visible.

If you were injured at your workplace, an experienced personal injury attorney will determine if the company or a restaurant you work for had the necessary safety measures in place to ensure a safe workplace environment. The next thing to investigate is to determine if your injuries were caused by human error or negligence. To prove negligence, you will need evidence and an attorney to support your negligence claim.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

After a burn injury, it’s essential to seek medical attention as soon as possible to prevent skin damage and infection. Minor burns might not require expensive medical treatment to heal. However, more severe burns could require multiple surgical procedures and intensive aftercare treatments, which could be expensive. Under the Worker’s Compensation Act Illinois, a burn injury victim who was injured at work must be compensated for their injuries and their follow up medical treatments.

With the right attorney by your side, a burn injury case is winnable. If you are successful in proving the negligence of the other party caused you severe emotional and physical trauma, you will be rewarded with full compensation.

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