Safe Driving Tips for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Safe Driving Tips for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

The most awaited time of the year is just around the corner, and you must have some exciting things, may be road trips, planned to spend the holiday season. But did you know that Christmas and New Year’s season are among the most dangerous holidays of the year in the United States?

According to the American Automobile Association, nearly 95 million people commute long distances to visit family and friends during the end-of-year holiday. It has been found that about 250 Americans die and 27,900 get seriously injured during this period in auto accidents. One of the main reasons behind such a high number is that people tend to drink and drive during the holiday season, which increases the probability of getting into an accident tenfold.

Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

Take out a few minutes and make notes of how you can stay safe and avoid any potential dangers on the road.

  • Before you leave for your trip, take your car to a mechanic and get it serviced. Ask the mechanic to inspect the brakes, check tread level and tire pressure, and change oil and other fluids to ensure the car is in optimum condition. Since the weather and road conditions are poor during the holiday season, a well-maintained car is essential to stay safe on the road.
  • Avoid drinking and driving at all costs. If you are going to celebrate the holiday season, make sure that you plan ahead. Designate a driver who will drive you home, or ask your friend to arrange an Uber or a cab.
  • Apart from avoiding driving under alcoholic intoxication, you should be vigilant of other drunk drivers as well.
  • While warm clothes and presents are necessary to pack in your luggage, try to avoid packing too many things. If you do, it will overload the back of your car, and can become a cause of losing control when driving on slippery roads. Moreover, in case of an accident, loose items from your luggage can turn into dangerous projectiles, and become a cause of serious injury.
  • Avoid tailgating, speeding, or following the front car too closely. Keep a safe distance and be wary of the road conditions as they are most likely to be wet or covered with snow.
  • Keep an on eye out for safety warning signs, and be sure to strictly follow them.
  • While you may have kids in your car singing Christmas songs or fighting with each other and causing distraction, you should free yourself from any other type of distraction. This includes radio, cell phone, food, etc., and concentrate on the road.


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