Pet Friendly Car Travel Trips That Can Prevent Accidents

Pet Friendly Car Travel Trips That Can Prevent Accidents

Personal Injury AttorneyWhile there is no law in Illinois that deals with how a pet should occupy a vehicle, that doesn’t mean they cannot prevent an accident during a trip. If a pedestrian or another driver is injured or suffers property damage because you can’t control your animals in your vehicle, you will be held liable.

Travelling with your canine or feline companion can be fun, but not if your vehicle is unsuitable. You can increase your chances of accidents if you do not take a few precautionary steps beforehand. Here are certain things you should take care of to prevent a costly lawsuit:

Take A Test Drive Before the Road Trip

Before the big road trip, take your pet with you in the car for a test drive to acclimatize them to the car and the road. If they seem uneasy at first, take a short trip around the block the first day. Then increase the distance every day until the day of the trip. This should get your pets used to remaining in a moving vehicle and reduce their anxiety, which can otherwise make them panic.

Consider the Car Model

The type of car you drive should also affect the choices you make for your pet. For instance, if you own a SUV, make sure your cat or dog has a crate to sit in and in the back seat. Cover the seats to reduce damage using an old towel or a bed sheet. Your pet should always be in the back seat, regardless of the vehicle you have. That way, you will not take your eyes off the road – especially when your pet tries to get your attention.

Bring Toys and Treats

Of course, this does not mean that your pet should be ignored throughout the trip. For instance, if you have a puppy, it will not be able to remain still for long and will demand your attention. Prevent it from getting out of its crate by ensuring you take toys and treats with you. These will keep your pooch distracted and happy as you drive.

Personal Injury Attorney

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