Non-compensable Injuries and Workers’ Compensation in Spring Grove, Illinois

Non-compensable Injuries and Workers’ Compensation in Spring Grove, Illinois

Illinois state law does have some caveats and stipulations regarding which work-related injuries are compensable or non-compensable. For example, if an individual was intoxicated when they sustained their injuries, some scenarios will not create eligibility for workers’ compensation. Furthermore, mental and emotional trauma arising from intense stress can be very hard to prove, especially if there are no present physical injuries. In some cases, an individual may receive compensation for psychological conditions, but now always.

Also, the courts are very conscious of people intentionally inflicting harm on themselves in an effort to gain workers’ compensation, and these individuals do not receive compensation for their injuries. Lastly, injuries due to preexisting conditions do not always receive compensation. For instance, if an employee suffers a heart attack and has had a long history of heart-related problems, they will not likely be entitled to compensation. However, if extremely demanding work or overexertion is shown to cause a heart attack, compensation will likely be awarded.

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