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Dogs are man’s best friend and even though most dogs are tame and domestic, people fail to understand that they are still animals. Because of their innate ability to sense human emotion, many people personify their pet and think of them as human. However, this simply isn’t true. They are undeniably animals, and animals can at times be unpredictable and aggressive. According to the CDC, approximately four and half million Americans sustained injuries resulting from dog bites in 2013 alone.

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However, many people fail to realize that in many cases they are entitled to restitution for their injuries. Negligence on the behalf of the dog’s owner could be to blame, and it simply isn’t fair for someone’s carelessness to harm you or a loved one. Liability is usually placed on the owner even if the dog doesn’t have a history of aggressive behavior. Some states adhere to a “one bite rule,” but Illinois imposes strict liability that covers victims on other injuries caused by the animal. Additionally, the owner is liable if they fail to put an end to an attack. In most cases, you are entitled to restitution as long as you did not provoke the dog to attack you.

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